When shouldn’t you use magic truffles?

Although the use of magic truffles is not harmful to the human body there are a couple of situations in which the use of magic truffles is not recommended. For example if you are on medication. The effect of the truffles can then be unpredictable. The consequences can be annoying and unexpected.

The use of truffles by people under 18 years is not recommended. Because adolescents are still developing and still have to discover most things, the effects of the truffles can be so strong it’s is unpleasant.

People who have severe psychiatric or psychological problems should absolutely not take any truffles. The probability of a bad effect in this group is very large. The same goes for people who are in poor condition because they have heart problems.
You absolutely should not take Magic Truffles if you have to take part in the traffic. It’s a bit obvious, but because of the changed perception, the use of truffles in traffic can result in dangerous situations.

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