What is the Philosopher’s Stone?

Many of you have heard of it: the Philosopher’s Stone. But what is it anyway? The Philosophers Stone is nothing more than a nickname for one of the best known truffle species, the Psilocybe Tampanensis.

This truffle has his nickname due to his operation. People who take this truffle often experience deep philosophical thought and a pleasantly high feeling. The Tampanenis looks different and tastes different from most other truffle species. The truffle causing a psychedelic trip and happy.

It is striking that in nature, only one unit of the tampanensis is found. Stephen Pollock discovered the truffle in 1977, near Tampa in Florida. All units of the tampanansis nowadays are cultivated from this single truffle. Nowadays, the name Philosopher’s Stone is so common that other kinds of truffles are often also called Philosopher’s Stones.

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