What are entheogens?

Some times people call magic truffles entheogens. We explain in detail what entheogens are.


Entheogens literally mean ‘God inside us’. Entheogens find its origin in Greece. An entheogens is a substance that is psychoactive and when you use it, it causes people to get in touch with God. Psychoactive substances as such are used for centuries, mostly in a spiritual or religious context.

In the past all entheogens where derived from plants. But with the development of chemical research, a whole range of synthetic entheogens were born. The traditional range of entheogenic substances include kykeon, ambrosia, iboga, soma and peyote among others. The synthetic substances are all created when psychoactive substances were isolated and  chemically synthesized. Examples of synthetic entheogens are DMT, salvinorin A, ibogaine.

The natural entheogens have been used for centuries.  For example, they are used in spiritual and religious context. Most of the modern examples originate from native cultures in the Americas. However, some people suggest that ancient Indo-European cultures also used entheogens in their rituals. The Indo-European people called it the ‘Soma’. After being ritually prepared, priests drank the fluid to release the divine in them.

Nowadays there is a large group of people who use entheogens without a religious or ritual context. Some people take them for personal development, others take them purely recreational and others for medical or therapeutic purposes. The conclusion that entheogens are used throughout the history of mankind is therefore just.

All drugs with psychoactive effects that are naturally occurring in plants and fungi, hence Magic Truffles can be considered entheogens. The effect of Magic Truffles may cause the user to feel divine. Most of our costumers describe the feeling of feeling the God in yourself as something unforgettable and recommend it to anyone curious enough.

The Magic Truffle that comes closest to releasing God inside you is definitively the Psilocybe hollandia. It is the Magic truffle in our range that contains the most of the active ingredient. If you want to know more or perhaps want to experience yourself, you can order the Hollandia in our webshop.

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