What are ecstasy (XTC) and MDMA?

Ecstasy (XTC) is a pill that is usually a combination of MDMA and amphetamines. MDMA gives a very pleasurable feeling is light and energizing.


MDMA causes a temporary increase of serotonin in the brain. This increases performance and libido. MDMA also suppresses feelings of hunger, thirst and fatigue. The body temperature also warms up. The user experiences a very strong mood of cheerfulness and activity. Furthermore, people often feel a strong love and a strong emotional bond with other users.

History of the use of ecstasy

MDMA exists 100 years! In 1912 it was mentioned in an official document in Germany for the first time. This happened during a research of coagulation enhancing drugs.
In 1960 the first scientific article on MDMA was written. In the ’70s psychiatrists got interested in the effects of MDMA.

From psychiatrist to the dancefloor

Through psychiatry MDMA went to India (Goa). And the festival audience in Goa spread the MDMA to Ibiza. There it was, according to Arno Adelaars, author of the book Ecstasy (Knipscheer, Amsterdam 1991) in the summer of 1986 used during the first public outdoor holiday parties.

From there it went to London where a new, psychedelic computer music cult arose, the acid house. At the first acid house parties XTC was used. From England it spread easily to Belgium and the Netherlands. Since 1988, the drug was banned in our country.

Tripping on Ecstasy

A trip takes about four hours. After that, the effect rapidly decreases. It is useless to take more doses of the drug. The amount of positive energy that is released into the user can not increase. If the drug over a long period of time is used, the intensity of the experience diminishes rapidly. One way to intensify the trip to experience and extend is to eat something light and tasty now and then. Especially chocolate has a stimulating effect.

Shortly after you have taken ecstasy, you feel soft and nice. Aggression and other tensions disappear. It arises feelings of love for everyone and everything. You become aware of the beauty of music, nature or a loved one. You can spend hours dancing and totally immerse in music.

It is recommended that before and during the use of the substance MDMA, that you drink and eat something, even if you feel there is no need to.

After the trip

It often takes several days before body and mind have recovered from an ecstasy trip. Ecstasy and other entheogenics work on your “energy shield” that should restore. The serotonin stock, stored in the brains, is quite wilted afterwards. During the ecstasy trip, in the brains phenylalamine also is broken down and the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine is disturbed. This can result in a downer after and insomnia.

With regular use in a short time, it causes much damage, because serotonin is not easily created. It could be that people get in a depression after using ecstasy.

It helps when you take L-Triptofaan after taking ecstacy. This is an amino acid that helps to increase the stress. And of course you should eat good food, exercise a lot and eat vitamins.


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