Visiting Psytrance Festivals

Psytrance Festivals brings people together encapsulating everyone in its rhythm and upbeat music. It is a moment in which countless people become one. The shared experience, in the process, smashes the boundaries of strangers. One in which participants meet new acquaintances.

Psytrance, or psychedelic trance, is a sub-genre of trance music. With layered melodies to create high tempo riffs and arranged into synthetic rhythms, it is one of the most popular genres of music.



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Psytrance music has a distinctive sound. It is fast-paced and energetic compared to other forms of trance or techno music.

Progressive. A prevailing party theme, progressive trance relies on grooves. It has a slow and melodic rhythm with emphasis on drums and bass.

Full-On. Widely popular in Israel, full-on trance brings high-energy (148 bpm) music with melodic but crisp basslines.

Darkpsy. Similar to full-on with fast 148 bpm. However, Darkspy is bouncy but glitchy with an organic and earthy undertone. Moreover, it is better described as being obscure and deep with meditative basslines.

Suomisaundi. Not as popular as the others. It is an experimental style from Finland in the mid-1990s.

Dakke Dak. In 2010, a new style emerged from Denmark. Dakke Dak has a rapid and heavy rhythm. Also called “tramp” in reference to stumping on the ground with its lo-fi bass after every beat drop.

The allure of psytrance lies in its numerous styles that appeal to a multicultural crowd. It encompasses multiple moods and tempo giving it different characteristics and interpretations.

With its soaring popularity, Psytrance Festivals are held in different countries across the world. Furthermore, each event brings in its distinct flavors where organizers incorporate art, health, environment and spiritual awareness. A festival of for the masses and peace, it has also been referred to as ‘Earthdance.’

The History of Trance Festivals


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Psytrance Festivals traces its root to a group of American hippies who went to Goa, India, in the mid-1960s. The decision to move there was not only because of the gorgeous beach, the cheap cost of living, or the accommodating locals. It was also because they could get their hands on marijuana. During those days, the Indians were already using it to supplement their religious and spiritual practices. Back then, it was deemed legal until it was banned in the mid-1970s.

As the number of hippies increased in Goa, music festivals began. Musicians soon flocked to the coastal state and performed for their fans. It includes artists from Europe who had recently experimented with electronic dance music (EDM) such as its innovators, Kraftwerk. The band inspired DJs such as Laurent, Fred Disko, and Goa Gil. And, in 1983, they remixed tracks and switched to electro-industrial music. By removing lyrics and looping beats to manipulate the sound, the three successfully created a mix that was specific to Goa.

Popular Psytrance Festivals


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Goa became synonymous with trance and its sub-genre – psychedelic. As its popularity spread all over the world, more areas now hold Psytrance Festivals annually.

Doof Festival. Started in 1996 by Doof Records to celebrate the creation of its label. It is celebrated yearly in Israel and goes on for four nights.

Rainbow Serpent Festival. Falling on Australia Day, the Rainbow Serpent Festival is a long weekend of electronic music, art, workshops, and attractions.

Origin Festival. Usually lasting for three days, the Origin Festival is the largest festival in South Africa. It celebrates a wide music and the visionary arts.

Earth Frequency Festival. Transformational and tribal, that is the theme of the Earth Frequency Festival. Inspired by the Doof and Boutique festivals, it is held yearly at Ivory’s Rock Conventions.

Respect Festival. A psychedelic trance festival that takes place in Brazil, Respect Festival is celebrated in May yearly.

Luminosity Beach Festival. One of the best in Europe, Luminosity Beach festival is an intimate experience set in a small venue in the Netherlands.

Transmission Festival. It is one of the biggest trance parties in the world. Transmission Festival in the Czech Republic features incredible light shows with spectacular stage and sounds.

Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival. Held in Germany, the Psychedelic Circus is an open-air party for trance music. Staying true to its international blend, it has performers from all over of the globe come together to perform.

New Horizons Festival. Relatively new to the festival scene, New Horizons provides a different experience for the party-goer. Instead of the usual single genre, it features seven different festivals crammed into one party.

Lost Theory Festival. Celebrated in Croatia, this psytrance festival is a delightful coming together of high-tech music lovers.

Psytrance Festival Bridge People Across Continents

Festivals are great for connecting music lovers despite any language and continental barrier that may exist. And, the same principle goes for the psytrance festival. Moreover, festivals have become a breathing ground for other scopes of interest too – dance, culture, wellness, and awareness. As such, it will continue to be a bridge for people all over the world.

In essence, no matter where one comes from, partaking in any of the Psytrance Festival is an unforgettable experience. Is there any doubt on whether or not it is worth visiting?

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