Video & Report: Magic Truffles changed the way I think about eating animals

The following video is part of a beautiful video shot acrous 25 countries. This section is about the massproduction of meat and dairy products.

Speaking for myself, Magic Truffles changed the way I think about eating other (conscious) animals. It grew slowly, when finaly there was a moment that it just didn’t feel right anymore and I decided to be a vergetarian. I can trace this back to one of the trips I had at a local park. I felt so conected to everything alive. It was an amazing and lasting feeling. We took a package of highly potent psilocybe Utopia truffles from the Magic Truffle webshop. Nature unfolded itself in pure beauty and I felt really good and alive. This feeling lasted and it really changed the way I look at nature, animals and human beings. These Utopia truffles offered me a life changing experience which I grabbed with both hands.

I don’t have a problem with people eating meat, although I think it is not healthy to eat meat everyday. I do, however have a big problem with the way most meat is produced. This is also reflected by the low quality of most supermarket meat products and fastfood products. I think, if you really like to eat meat, pay a little more and go for biological produced meat. The taste is much better and the production is much more humane. As a conscious being, you have the power to choose!

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