Very special psychedelic experience

Excellent service

I recently ordered a sample of Hollandia truffles from  I would like to relate my trip experience with and of course, with the truffles. Firstly, the service was excellent. An easy way to navigate website and swift delivery  are sure fire winners in my eyes. The vacuum packed sample arrived in a plain white jiffy bag within a few days of placing the order. No complaints at all.

Good quality truffles

The quality of the product was far beyond my expectations. I have tried truffles once before (mexicana, not from trufflemagic). Although that experience was pleasant, it was marred by slight nausea and tiredness. This time the trip was very different. It was euphoric all the way. I consumed a potion of truffles with a pint of diluted apple juice. The taste of the Hollandia was not unpleasant but I think the apple juice was necessary to help to wash it down. I ate one packet and waited.

Entheogenic experience

The effects took around 40 minutes to truly kick in. I think the setting certainly helped. I built a small log fire under the night sky and sat alone in the winter air looking up at the stars. At the early stages of the trip I saw a swirling mist framing the sky. This developed into a full entheogenic experience. I felt and saw the universe pulsing in time with my own heartbeat. After a while I ventured into the house.

Hallucinations of radiating pure light

I spoke with my girlfriend and she looked more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen. She was radiating a pure light and it felt as if I could see her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty. I then watched some water drops changing shape in the sink and broke out into fits of laughter. I felt like my senses were fine tuned. I was soon drawn to a pot of chicken broth cooking on the stove. I held my face over the steam and it felt like pure bliss. The warmth enveloped me and the aromas were amazing, but I think that would have been the case even without the truffles 😉

Special psychedelic experience

I’m not sure how long the effects lasted. A few hours I think. There was a lot more to the psychedelic experience than what you’ll read in this review. I had so many incredible thoughts, but they are just too many to document. After the effects of the truffles wore off, there was no harsh comedown whatsoever. I felt happy and content. This feeling lasted for days afterwards. I felt like I had experienced something special. I cannot say I have any regrets about trying the Hollandia truffles. It was an experience I will always remember and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, it should be mandatory for everyone! I think it would make the world a better place 🙂

I hope this review is useful. If it helps just one person having an experience like I did, then it has served its purpose. Happy and safe tripping everyone.

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