Using truffles for shamanic purposes

Below, a (revised) contribution from user “Dr. No” about the use of hallucinogens (like truffles) for shamanic rituals.

“You’ll be opening your mind to receive and experience 1000+ channels at once.”

It’s very important to be aware of your shamanic intentions before you try this.

In my opinion, you need to be accustomed and experienced with both shamanistic practice and the use of truffles/psychedelics before you attempt to use it as a “tool”. It’s too easy to be tricked by the druggy effects these psychedelic substances have.

“I have successfully used Psilocybe mushrooms in shamanic rituals, but it demands a lot of you as a shaman”. You NEED to be able to keep your concentration towards what you’re doing. If you have experience with psychedelics, you probably know how difficult this can be.

You will be opening your mind to receive and experience 1000+ channels at once. These shamanic religious experiences under influence of mind-expanding drugs are very powerful.

I’ve been exploring shamanic realities for several years, and now, more than twenty years after it “started”, I realize more about what is happening. I was “told” to use psychedelics to ease the two-way communication with “the other side”, and to use the experience as a door-opener to more easily do the same without the use of drugs.

I do this one or two times a year, that’s all I need. Some don’t need this at all, and some will be able to “keep the door open” after one time only. This differs from person to person.

My opinion is that every healthy adult should experience the psychedelic reality at least once, as a self-consciousness ‘initiation’.

Know what you do, and do it well:)

Dr. No

(Thanks for this contribution)

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