Tuesday magic truffle review day

From now, we’ll blog some short reviews about experience with magic truffles every tuesday. You can read about peoples experiences and could use the information for your own trip. Your review @TruffleMagic? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your real name isn’t necessary, you can use your nickname. Today we publice three experiences with the Psilocybe hollandia. Enjoy!

Review 1:
Thanks for this great oppurtunity. Never used magic truffles before. I used halve a package psilocybe hollandia. It was strong and collerful, but relaxing in the same way. I allready told lots of friends of your great site :). Also great for thinking things through. I can say i found new things! Would recommend to use it! I also did like the very fast shipment. I recieved these magic truffles within a week. Waiting for a good day to use them again.

A belgian truffler

Review 2:
I’ve done the big pscilocybin mushrooms one finds in the Deep South of the US in cow pastures quite a few times.  The quality of these hollandia truffles experience was virtually identical, very magical and wondrous. Our questions about how to pay for our initial purchase were answered very quickly and professionally via email even though it was a holiday, and the shipment was received in a timely fashion in a  non-descript package as expected.  Highly recommend the magic truffle hollandia:)

Review 3:
My order of hollandia arrived in little over a week. I was very happy with the freshness of the “truffles”, and kept them in the fridge for a couple weeks just in case. I enjoyed the taste, but I can see why most people wouldn’t as bitter and tart aren’t very popular. The trip was very anxious unless the body and mind were fully engaged in some sort of activity. I found the comedown rather disturbing, as it left me longing to be held so that I could sleep. I would recommend Hollandia for sex. Lots of rough dirty sex. Will try again.

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