Truffles as a mirror to the self

I will admit that my first voyages into the world of psychedelics were purely for fun. At the time I didn’t have much of an idea of their many layers and dimensions. This is perhaps the way many people approach this kind of substance at the beginning and it is, of course, always good to have fun!

However, something interesting became apparent to me rather quickly- when taken with the appropriate awareness and focus, psychedelics and especially truffles, are an immensely useful tool for self exploration, understanding and ultimately self healing.

My thoughts on this are based purely on my own experiences and those of people I know but I have read quite a few studies and testimonials online that verify these thoughts. The reason I highlight Truffles in this sense is that they are able to give you a trip that is fun and enjoyable or deep and insightful (or both) easily and without any negative effects.

I have used truffles many times and I have found them to be a great way of getting a peek into the nooks and crannies of your subconscious mind. You know, the place where we push all those thoughts and feelings we’d rather not deal with… well they don’t disappear, and it is my belief that it is good to face these things from time to time and give your mind a good spring clean (or winter clean!) so that you can feel good and have room in there for things that you actually want.

One night on truffles could do more for you than several years in therapy. I’m no psychologist and I am not saying it works for everyone but since this is my blog post I feel a duty to be honest. I also feel very akin to anyone out there exploring the psychedelic realms especially for the first time. So much scaremongering goes on surrounding these things, when in actual fact truffles (and many other psychedelics) are helpful and benign substances when used correctly. I have gotten a lot more out of truffles than I could have ever imagined. Often if one has a negative experience it is a reflection of something inside that person coming up for inspection. Often people who have a “negative” experience try to blame the poor mushroom when it is only doing its job. Roll up your sleeves, be courageous and take responsibility for whatever your trip brings you.

I also find that having respect or an air of reverence surrounding the trip is a good thing, I don’t know why, but Lady Truffle does seem to respond well to those who are humble in her presence and those who take the time to treat the experience with the care it deserves. Personally, I don’t partake in rituals or anything like that when I take the truffles. All I do is make sure I take them when it feels right, keep a presence of mind and have some idea of what I wish to get out of it. I’m sure everyone takes truffles in different ways. One thing I have not yet done is take truffles and do actual mirror work…. You know, staring into the mirror while tripping? Now that would be interesting…

Peace and love

Empress Zaluna

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