Truffles: are they legal?

In 2008 the then Minister Klink of Public Health in the Netherlands issued a ban on possession of dried mushrooms. All of hallucinogenic mushrooms, both fresh and dry. are now on list II of the Opium Act. The ban on magic mushroom is subject of discussion. There is no direct evidence that they are harmful to the health if people use it responsibly.

The reason for placing the mushrooms on list II of the Opium Act was that the amount of the substances psylocine and psylocibine of these mushrooms was uncontrollable. That is why the user couldn’t know how strong the mushroom was and therefore could’t judge the effect it would have on his psyche.

With Magic Truffles it is different. Magic Truffles are not included in the Opium Act. This is because the cultivation of the Magic Truffle makes it possible to influence the amount of psylocine and psylocibine in the product because of the controlled process. We can control the amount of psylocine and psylocibine because of our experience and sophisticated breeding process. a product with a constant and balanced amount of psylocine and psylocibine is the Psilocybe Hollandia, a Magic Truffle that is only cultivated by us.

Taking Magic Truffles or sclerotia is perfectly legal , as opposed to what some people think. Within 24 hours all substances are out of your body. Truffles can be consumed without worries.

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  1. Ashlee 22nd January 2020 at 03:34 #

    It’s difficult to find and understand legal statements about things like magic truffles. I live in the USA and would like to purchase fresh truffles. Will the product be intercepted when coming into the country?

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