Truffles and sex, good combo?

Truffles and sex, a good combination?

Whether it’s a good idea to have sex while taking truffles, is personal. The idea sounds appealing as a trip intensifies feelings. Trufflemagic asked people about their experience.

Truffles and sex, good combo?

Truffles and sex, good combo?

Most trippers agree that it’s best to know your partner well before enjoying each other during a trip. Before deciding to combine, both having sex and taking truffles together should not be the first time. A trip-experience is different from person to person. One may have different facial features than usual, or may act different during a trip. Some people get emotional. This is not conductive to the mood. When something turns out different than you expected, you may not know how to deal with the situation if you don’t know the other well enough.

There is another factor to consider: For some people the use of truffles is a moment of spirituality, others find it relaxing or inspiring. According to some people, taking truffles while having sex affects the enjoyment of your usual trip-experience in a negative way.

If you’re usual trip consists of deep philosophical thoughts and emotions, then this kind of tripping may inspire creation of new insights. Your partner may also look extremely attractive. If you are sensitive to light, the accents and light on a person’s skin may look more beautiful. Also, other emotions may be more intense, such as increased arousal and an intense feeling of love. For many people trips have hioghlights and milder moments in turns, which may be conducive to sex but can also be distractive. For many, the trick is to stay focussed; “the mind may be extremely focused on your partner one moment and the very next may be in a distant planet”. Like any trip, this experience differs per person.

In conclusion: For some, the combination of sex and truffles brings you closer to your partner. For others quite the opposite. If you’re considering it; make sure your expectations aren’t too high, and keep a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

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One Response to “Truffles and sex, a good combination?”

  1. John 1st February 2012 at 14:33 #

    Thanks for the great article.

    Before this I was wondering what it would be like, but did not dare to ask my girlfriend.

    I let her read your article and she came up with the idea to have sex while tripping.

    Whoohooo, we had the time of our live. Dreams came true in a very romantic relaxed atmosphere. Without details i can advice this to anyone.

    Big Smile and lots of love to you dudes:))))

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