Trufflemagic at BOOM festival 2014

Trufflemagic is more than a seller of magic truffles. The psychedelic scene is an important part of who we are and what we do. That’s why we’ve visited some of the best Goa/Psytrance-festivals. We started the year with the BOOM Festival in Portugal. Attracting more than 26000 visitors, Boom is one of the biggest Goa/Psy-trance festivals in the world. But it’s so much more than that.

While my collegues came to boom by car, I came from a wonderful holiday in Spain, and took the Boom bus from Madrid airport. The bus wasn’t hard to find because part of the parking lot was filled with neo-hippies practicing their diabolos. Others had ghettoblasters with Psytrance music, creating a nice energetic vibe in the otherwise grey, empty and dull Madrilenian airport.

If that didn’t set the mood yet, the friendly passengers did. I realized immediately that Boom is not your standard festival,. Here people want to connect with one another, and spread some thoughts, love and positive energy.

Boom is a big name in the Goa/Psytrance scene. The maximum capacity of more than 26000 tickets was reached within the first months of 2014. The festival takes place on a desert-like hilltop next to a lake in Portugal, near a small Roman village called Idanha-a-Nova. To walk from one end of the festival-site to the other, you need at least 45 minutes.

The view from the bus was what you expect of Spain and Portugal. A dry western-movie-like landscape is often interspersed with red rocks and occasionally some green forests. The valleys are huge and the mountains are not very high. So the sight from the bus was quite far-stretched.

Boom Festival Nature

In Boom we wake up, to never fall asleep again.

This was the first thing you would read on the festival map when you entered. Walking up to the campsite all kinds of people were present. Curious youngsters, hipsters, rockers. People from all ages, including many older folks which were dressed like they time-traveled from the 60’s. Which is awesome.

Boom Festival Campsite


The camping up the hill.

Boom Festival Sea


At Boom it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look. In fact, if you wear nothing at all, you wouldn’t shock anyone. No prejudice, no nonsense. At Boom people are allowed to feel like their-selves, and feel like one entity (oneness is a word that pops up at Boom all the time). This is not just the message that is being told, but it is the atmosphere the “Boomers” create. To me, it is wonderful to see people from 152 nationalities gathering and sharing this message of harmony. People are extremely nice, respectful and interested in each others beliefs. The music is actually the instrument to make this work. That is what makes Boom so special.

Boom Love


Boom is one great work of art

The festivalsite is filled with art-installations. Ingenious statues, wind-powered works and beautiful canvases.

Usually in festivals like this, a mega-tent is ordered and that’s it. Not so with Boom. They start working many monts before the festival, and everything (including tents) is created by hand with natural stuff like clay and cotton. Some other tents are made of recycled material.

The main stage is inspired by the Sagrada Familia (which can be found in Barcelona). It looks fantastic and it’s a very impressive art installment indeed.

Boom Festival Sagrada Familia Trufflemagic

Boom Sagrada Trufflemagic

Then there are the beautiful chill-out gardens:

Boom Festival Sand Sculpture


Boom Festival Dragon Trufflemagic


And let’s not forget the dragon-shaped psychedelic art museum. Here you will find the most beautiful paintings inside a dragon-shaped tunnel. The artists were present as well and they created new paintings on the spot.

Boom Festival Dragon

The entire museum is built to resemble a large dragon

Boom Festival Art Love

Boom Art

Boom Festival Art Woman

Everything is brightly coloured and the neonlights work out well, especially when the sun starts to set.

Magic Truffle Growkits are perfect for festivals!

Imagine all these stimuli in a magic truffle trip.. Well, that’s exactly what we did. Tripping at Boom is like entering the world of Alice in Wonderland. Everything looks even more awesome than it already did.

If you’re taking truffles more for fun, and less for insights and personal lessons, then I recommend taking a mild dose. We took a mild dose of one of our Magic Truffle Growkits, which are perfect for festivals because they do not have to be stored in a fridge (like our single portions). The Truffle growkits  will stay potent in the hot weather conditions. Take just enough to open your senses.

Boom Flowers Trufflemagic

The free places

Boom Festival Signs

A signpost to the so-called “free” places, of course Christiania (in Copenhagen), but also Ruigoord (near Amsterdam) and Doel (near Antwerp), then there’s the Fusion Festival Area in Germany, among many other places.

The Portuguese weather can be hot, especially on a mountaintop like at the Boom festival. We reached peaks of almost 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). In midnight it can actually get pretty cold, which is really nice after a hot day.

Boom’s lectures and Workshops

Apart from the art and the music, Boom offers a lot of lectures. Some with very scientific subjects, some more spiritual and some combined.  Workshops at boom included a “speed-dating” workshop, which ended up in a lot of people passionately kissing and hugging each other. In an ambiance like Boom, the people are just much more open and intimate.


Boom Tantra statue


Every Boom since 2004 consist of series of self-sustainability projects. The festival has won a lot of prizes with this new perspective.

Boom Festival Compost

  • They utilize wind and solar energy to obtain power.
  • Spilled water is drained, and spread out into the gardens
  • No chemical toilets (or dixies) are used. Boom uses compost toilets with deep holes. You won’t see or smell the feces. The compost will be spread over the land after the festival, allowing new plants to grow.
  • The “Boomers” (Boom’s visitors) are not the kind of people to throw their garbage on the land. There isn’t much cleaning to do when the festival is over.


Boom has so much to offer, even for people who are not into Psy-trance or electronic music. The atmosphere, the lectures, the art, but most importatly; the people. You will not come back home the same way you left.

The next Boom festival will take place in summer 2016 (date TBA). Make sure you’re there!

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  1. thomas 31st August 2016 at 12:21 #

    We were there this year and we have to say that it is something that we have to do in our lifetime!!!! Our European Burning Man!

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