Trips: How do you create the right environment?

The experiences of people who enjoy a trip with magic truffles vary. Some people find the experience unforgettable, in a positive way. You want rule out negative experiences as much as possible of course. The environment in which you take the magic truffles has a major influence on your feeling during the trip.

In general you can say that the setting should be familiar. The environment must be safe and must feel comfortable. Using truffles the first time it’s best to stay at home, because you’re most comfortable. Possibly you can also choose use in a natural environment. Stay away from a busy and loud city. Many unfamiliar sounds and impressions can provoke a feeling of discomfort.

You can stimulate a pleasant experience in the days before the trip. Fill your mind with pleasant images and sounds. You do this by watching some movies, reading books or listening to music. This increases the chance of a fascinating trip.

If you feel uncomfortable during a trip it’s important to stay relaxed. It is not wise to keep monitoring time to see when you’ll sober up. It is better to just surrender. Breathe carefully and try to enjoy the impressions you get.

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