Trip Report: Breathtaking trees in a LA park

Over the years we’ve received so many trip reports, most aren’t even placed here. It’s fantastic when people take the time to write a about their Magic Truffle experience. Here’s a nice trip report from a LA customer. This is also a great example of how your trip gets that much better with the right preparations and directions. Thanks Darius!

This is a positive review of not only the high-quality truffles I consistently receive from, but also a glowing review of the service I receive from Peter and his team.  Truffles being a niche item, appealing to many but enjoyed by few, it was difficult finding an online vendor I could trust. is the Amazon of magic truffle websites!  It’s simple, secure, and easy-to-use.  No international bank transfer is needed; I can pay via PayPal or credit card!  And I’ve received my order every time, on time, delivered discreetly to my doorstep in the USA.

Ignoring the advice posted on and a multitude of other sites, my first experience with truffles resulted in the proverbial “bad trip.”  Why?  First, the products from these guys are top shelf.  Supposedly, the psilocybe pajaritos are one of the milder types of truffles offered.  I had the full 15 grams and, literally, I lost touch with reality.  What has been described as a pleasant experience turned into a nightmare, as I was in a bad mood before eating the truffles, not to mention I was exhausted.  I did it completely wrong, and I deserved everything I got for not following the directions.  These truffles, regardless of the kind you get, are extremely strong.  Be in an upbeat mood and ready for a four to six hour ride.  Trust me, because when you do…

…you have an amazing, euphoric, wonderful experience!  I took 7.5 grams of the psilocybe hollandia at 8:00am on a Saturday morning.  I was fully rested, and I consumed no other drugs other than a little caffeine from my coffee, and some cannabis in the form of a lozenge.  I was extremely nervous, as after having a bad trip, I was anxious that it might spiral out of control again.  However, I sat on my couch, looked out my window, and then watched a National Geographic documentary while I waited for the come up to begin.

For me, it was the perfect combination.  I dosed just right, I was fully rested, and it was first thing in the morning.  The time is key, as I walked out the door and down the street to this little park in Los Angeles (see photo), and it was comforting to know I had the entire morning ahead of me to enjoy my trip.

losangeles park

It seems like a cliche, but it’s true when they say you have a desire to be closer to nature.  The branches on the palm trees were my own Independence Day fireworks display to control.  It was breathtaking.  While I was at the park I had the remaining 7.5 grams of the truffles, and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the foliage and faces that surrounded me before heading home.

Regardless of the truffle, you can’t go wrong making your purchase from  Highly recommended!!!

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    I’m in newyork nervous bout truffles getting here what’s your opinion

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    If Your From LA How Long Did The Shipping Take When Order Was Shipped ????????????

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