Taking magic truffles

There are different ways to consume magic truffles or magic mushooms:
You can eat them, you can make a tea or you can smoke them.

The proof of the Magic is in the Eating

If you decide to eat the truffles you taste the flavour better. To achieve the optimal effect, make sure you chew them well. Chewing release the psilocybin better. If the truffle is properly crunched you should swallow. Usually it will take up 45 minutes before the first effects are noticeable. Some people may experience a light stomach nausea just after they swallowed the truffles. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly normal side-effect that disappears when the psilocybin starts working.

Tea, my dear?

Another way to consume truffles is by making tea. Because the magic truffles have such a distinct taste some people prefer to make tea. To make tea
you first have to boil some water in a pan. When the water is boiling, take the pan off the heat. Cut the magic truffles into little pieces and put them in the water.


Truffle teaHeat your tea again but make sure the water doesn’t start to boil. When it’s too hot the active ingredient is broken down. After 15 minutes your tea is ready to be filtered. You can add some honey if you want to make it taste better. However, be aware that sugars can lower the effect.


Trufflemagic method

This is how we prefer to consume the magic.

  • 1. Chop the Magic Truffles or Magic Mushrooms into small pieces.
  • 2. Put them in a cup.
  • 3. Pour some boiled water over it until the cup is 2/3 filled.
  • 4. Now take a spoon and eat the Magic pieces. Chew well and swallow.
  • 5. Drink the remaining tea while you rinse the little pieces into your stomach.


This way you drink tea for a faster absorption into the body, and by eating
the remaining truffles, you consume the entire fungi.

Some like it sour

lemonsTruffles and mushrooms may have a sour taste already. There’s a theory that the more acidic the
solution is, the better it will work. That’s where the Lemon Tek comes in. And
it’s gaining in popularity by the day. But does the Lemon Tek really work? Find out in our article about the subject by clicking here.

Smoking Baby!

Although I never smoked magic mushrooms or truffles, there are some people who did. One of the first who wrote about smoking the magic, was
Carlos Castaneda:

“The manipulatory technique for the fourth specific purpose utilized a smoking mixture made of dried mushrooms [psilocybe mexicana] mixed with different parts of five other plants, none of which was known to have hallucinogenic properties. The rule placed the emphasis on the act of inhaling the smoke from the mixture; the teacher thus used the word humito (little smoke) to refer to the ally contained in it. But I have called this process “ingestion-inhalation” because it was a combination of ingesting first and then of inhaling. The mushrooms, because of their softness, dried into a very fine dust which was rather difficult to burn. The other ingredients turned into shreds upon drying. These shreds were incinerated in the pipe bowl while the mushroom powder, which did not burn so easily, was drawn into the mouth and ingested. Logically, the quantity of dried mushrooms ingested was larger than the quantity of shreds burned and inhaled.” — pages 175-176, The
Teachings of Don Juan.

“The process of “smoking” consisted of ingesting the fine mushroom powder, which did not incinerate, and inhaling the smoke of the other five plants that made up the mixture. Don Juan explained the profound effects that the mushrooms had on one’s perceptual capacities as the “ally removing one’s body”.” — ‘A Separate Reality’, Page 5, last paragraph, 2nd sentence.

Hot Chocolate or not

To make mushroom chocolate you will need some dried cubensis mushrooms and chocolate chips. Plan on using at least 20 grams of chocolate
for each candy. Prepare your dried mushrooms by grinding them into a fine powder. A good dosage rule for these psychedelic candies Is to mix about one to two grams of mushrooms for each candy you intend to make for each 20 grams of chocolate. Melt the chocolate carefully over very low heat. Keep stirring over and over to prevent to burn the chocolate when heating on a stovetop.
Once the chocolate is liquid, simply mix your powdered mushrooms in. Mix well for an even dosage! Licking the pan is recommended!

Chocolate Trufflemagic
When you are ready to solidify the chocolate pour into candy molds or pour the liquid flat on a pan in order to make bars. Put in fridge to cool and solidify.

Chocolate stores better over long periods of time in the freezer inside air-tight containers. Also I am told freezing chocolate causes it to ‘bloom’ meaning the fats migrate to the surface making lighter spots. Bonne appetit!!


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