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And then you will sink deeply into the altered state of consciousness. The world turns inwards and there comes a time when you see just as much with eyes closed as with your eyes open.

You enter a world with doors, halls and patterns, you might recognize them from a church or a temple in Mexico, Egypt or Greece. Corridors and doors, gates and staircases, jungles, mountains, other planets, carnival, strange faces; you fly from one color and atmosphere in the other. The normal perspective is no longer there and you seem to be moved to where your attention goes.

If you just open your eyes you sometimes think the corners of the room have changed; you are alienated from normal reality. But it is beautiful, fantastic, strange, fascinating, unusually colorful and lively. You see where the artists get their inspiration, you experience that these archetypal symbols, crosses and circles to mythical figures, play a role in your dream world.

Microcosm and macrocosm are two aspects of a theory developed by the ancient Greek philosophers to describe the man and his place in the universe. These early thinkers saw the individual as a small world (microcosm), the composition and structure correspond to those of the universe, or "big world" (macrocosm). It is like the Microcosm realizes the connection with the Macrocosm.  Like a personal computer being connected to the internet. It’s all there, all you have to do is to download it into your system.

I've read enough, let's go on a journey!

However, what we experience during a trip is our interpretation of what’s inside of us on a different level than we are used to. These are your own experiences saved in your system in the form of symbols, images and projections. On a subconscious or even unconscious level. And that’s why images in our own system can be good, but fearful as well.

These feelings, thoughts and images come and go in such a haste that it’s like a continuous film, played on high speed. Sometimes you see fears and scary images, but that usually passes quickly, it is a magnifier of your reactions and emotions.

You will be more aware of your feelings, also in the body. Everything will be exaggerated like, for example, a little pain in your stomach.  Try to realize that you normally also get such signals, which your body translates without making you aware of it. Now that you are, you'll feel it much more intensely.

When you are really deep into your trip, and I mean really deep, you don’t have grip on your thoughts and feelings. They come in a way that is not always nice but it is good for you. The Magic Mushroom and Magic Truffles can serve as a potent "truth serum". If there are important issues you are ignoring in your life, they are very likely to torment you during a trip. A trip can be a very rigorous way to check up on your own current levels of self-awareness and self-deception. If you are fundamentally unhappy and unfulfilled and you haven't been admitting it to yourself, this will become painfully clear.  This realization can be very unpleasant but is also very helpful if you're ready to honestly face the feedback and correct the problem.

Sometimes it is possible to steer in the direction you want to. All you have to do is to focus on something you encounter or on the direction you have planned before by setting your intention. This may be a question about the past, present or future, a deep fear that you want to investigate, or something completely different. Use your imagination. Everything is possible!

I've read enough, let's go on a journey!

It can help to have certain objects around you that can inspire you on your journey. Depending on your goal it can be pictures of people (alive or deceased), drawings or paintings, tarot cards, picture books from other countries and cultures, animals or plants or objects that have symbolic or emotional value to you.

You can just look at an object and follow your own thoughts. But you might get inspired to make something with it.

A very special object to have is a mirror. Light some candles and just look at the one you see in the mirror; there are a lot of people and faces in you!

It is often nice to have some drawing and writing materials at hand.  In combination with an object or picture there may be wonderful things occur.

In a trip, you can get the impression that the world is a hell or heaven, but realize that it is your projection of a reality which can’t easily overcome the duality of good and evil. We got into the psychedelic state to another, more sensitive filter or maybe we just have no filter anymore. We come to our senses!

Also you can learn from a trip that inside and outside, heaven and hell, above and below, are quite close to each other.

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Trip preparation | Dosage | Taking magic truffles The Trip Begins | The Peak |  The Flow | The Afterglow | Trip tips | A Bad Trip

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