A Bad Trip

what is a bad trip

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It is best to accept the journey and try to enjoy. The cause of a 'bad trip' is often your own fear.

Especially first time users may have negative feelings coming from insecurity: “what have I done to myself”.

Or with a high dose of truffles you could be thinking: “do I ever get out of this trip”.

Both are tricks of the mind, where your ego is having trouble to let go control.  Here the panic could knock you down and you’ll end up in a control loop, a loop that you do not dare to give in to. That can sometimes take hours and is called a ‘bad trip’.

Then we have the not so nice experiences where you have a total loss of control and sense of time, and you are in a frightening situation. In this experience, you are confronted by things you have to learn about yourself or thoughts you need to let go.

All these experiences actually just work on shifting of boundaries and sometimes the harder your process the more you have solved. Bad trips often turn out to be good trips; you learned something and you did not lose in a daze.

I've read enough, let's go on a journey!

It is a myth that people during a trip think they can fly. Flying takes place in the inner landscape. Even at high doses of psilocybin, psilocin remains as a rule aware of the normal laws of nature, such as gravity and the fact that we do not have wings. Of course it is not advisable to take part in the traffic, as even tying your shoes will be difficult, you will not be inclined to step into a car.

If despite a good preparation you end up in a bad trip you can do the following:

  • A bad trip is often caused by negative thoughts. Try to make negative thoughts go away by thinking of positive things.
  • If your negative feelings come from your environment try to influence it positively. Are you in a dark room, make sure you have good lighting. A hot room can also enhance the bad trip. Provide cooling by opening a window and drink a glass of ice cold water.
  • Take some orange juice or dextrose sugar to help neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms and magic truffles. The reason this works is because mushrooms drop your blood sugar, and when you eat sugar, your sugar levels rise again so you feel stronger and more resistant to the bad thoughts.
  • After that you can take some valerian pills to make you relax.

Trip Stoppers (dextrose and valerian tablets) can also be bought here.

A bad trip is never fun. But through these tips you might prevent it from happening. And even if it happens, at least you are prepared! A trip is meant to be a great and memorable experience.

Want to learn more about truffles? You can find more information on our blog and the faq.

Trip preparation | Dosage | Taking magic truffles The Trip Begins | The Peak |  The Flow | The Afterglow | Trip tips | A Bad Trip

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