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Tripping on Mescaline? Here are the Best Beatles Song to Listen to

On February 1964, the Beatles first took the stage on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” They were so different from the musicians they eventually became. Later in their careers, they went on to produce transcendent albums such as “Sgt. Pepper” and “Abbey Road.” Their transformation became more intense during the late 1960s. One of the major causes is their incursion into psychedelics.

Different groups such as Cream, 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd, and Captain Beefheart also dabbled in drugs to produce new forms of music. However, the Beatles stand out because of their psychedelic explorations which influenced mainstream culture.

Tripping while listening to music

Mescaline, the psychoactive substance found in some cacti, produces mind-altering effects. It produces powerful hallucinations and even insightful experiences.

One of the types of hallucinations produced by mescaline is of the auditory variety. When mescaline distorts hearing, sounds become enhanced and distorted. The Beatles produced music which enhance hearing and take the psychedelic experience to new height!

Take out your pen and papers. Here are the top psychedelic songs from the Beatles which are sure to heighten your mescaline journey!

Psychedelic songs from the Beatles

Psychedelic songs from the Beatles

Psychedelic songs from the Beatles | Image powered by amazon

Magical Mystery TourThis song is far from being the Beatles’ best song but it certainly is one of their druggiest! Magical Mystery Tour contains many references to drugs.

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour | Image powered by 45cat

Got to Get You into My LifeThis sweet song is actually about drugs. It hides behind a façade of a saccharine McCartney composition that builds and builds with hook after hook.

Got to Get You into My Life

Got to Get You into My Life | Image powered by youtube

Only a Northern SongThis song creeps in slowly and builds as the seconds go by… much like a mescaline journey. It has different layers thanks to a variety of tape loops, trumpets, and percussions.

Only a Northern Song

Only a Northern Song | Image powered by deviantart

Happiness is a Warm Gun Happiness is a Warm Gun is a song about the push and pull of drug addiction. The words “shoot, shoot” alludes to shooting up.

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Happiness is a Warm Gun | Image powered by discogs

Day TripperDay Tripper has one of the best guitar riffs from the Beatles of all-time. Prepare to have your mind blown by the lyrical poetry of Day Tripper. It’s a song about girls but is also about recreational drug use. Maybe girls are also drugs?

It’s All Too Much

It’s All Too Much | Image powered by wikia


She Said She SaidActor Peter Fonda was at a hippie party the Beatles were also attending one night in the 60s. He kept repeating a story about a childhood near-death experience. One of the lines in his story stuck with John Lennon and he wrote it into “She Said She Said.” This song oozes and throbs with the auditory equivalent of technicolor. It offers both genuine psychedelia and pristine pop sounds too.

She Said She Said

She Said She Said | Image powered by rarebeatles

A Day in the LifeA Day in the Life starts with an unassuming intro of acoustic guitar, piano and vocals which give way to a chaotic climax exploding with a cacophony of sounds. It is the penultimate example of Lennon and McCartney’s processes being woven together into a unique creature.

It’s All Too Much

It’s All Too Much | Image powered by wikia

Within You Without YouSitars, strings, and a rhythm that’s similar to a flowing river will accompany your psychedelic mind into uncharted waters as George delivers suitably intriguing lyrics. This is an important part of the Sgt. Pepper album.

Within You Without You

Within You Without You | Image powered by wikipedia

It’s All Too MuchGeorge Harrison wrote this tune and it’s easily one of the Beatles’ most captivating songs at the height of their psychedelic phase. It’s also considered as one of the band’s great lost songs. This seven-minute track is an uninhibited foray into psychedelia complete with guitar feedback, bass,
and an overall euphoria.

It’s All Too Much

It’s All Too Much | Image powered by wikia

With a Little Help From My FriendsFew things in the world are more important than friendship. If you’re lucky, your friends will be there throughout the sunny and cloudy chapters of your life. Do you know what else you can do with your friends? Getting high! Trip out to this song where an obviously-high Ringo Starr handling lead vocals.

With a Little Help From My Friends

With a Little Help From My Friends | Image powered by wikipedia

I’m Only SleepingA haunting song from John Lennon, “I’m Only Sleeping” first appeared in the U.S. in June 1996. Lennon’s droning vocals rests on top of lazy shuffle rhythm with a certain nonchalance.  It’s the perfect song to turn off your mind when tripping on mescaline.

I’m Only Sleeping

I’m Only Sleeping | Image powered by genius

I am the WalrusWhat was this song even talking about? You would be hard pressed to find people who will believe this song was written in a drug-induced haze. This is probably the Beatles’ druggiest song ever recorded. The first line of the song was written during one weekend spent on a psychedelic trip. The second line was written on a psychedelic trip which happened the following weekend. The use of strings is brilliant and adds a layer to the journey before the explosive end. This song is pure genius!

I am the Walrus

I am the Walrus | Image powered by genius

Strawberry Fields ForeverA track that has become synonymous with John Lennon. The song features sounds from the Mellotron keyboard. Enhance your trip with the drippy, drone-like melody from the futuristic instrument. The final record of this song was made of two takes of differing tempos. These were then spliced together to create one of the most unique records in history. The lyrics, variety of instruments and vibe of the song create an intricate mindscape.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever | Image powered by blogspot

Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsThe initials of this song are LSD, perhaps a reference to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Lennon claims the song has nothing to do with the drug but all evidence point to the song as an allusion to psychedelic drug use. No sober person could have written it. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is 3.5 minutes of pure lysergic bliss filled with picturesque lyrics which will have you surging towards the sky.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | Image powered by belgian-beatles-site

Tomorrow Never KnowsThis song opens with the words “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.” That line is an obvious reference to kicking back and letting psychedelics take you on an insightful journey. Even today, this song has a unique song which still has the power to mesmerize audiences. This song is the be-all and end-all of psychedelic rock! It has no equal! It has a surging beat that pushes the song into the clouds and beyond.

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