Top Psychedelic Podcasts

Top Psychedelic Podcasts

Podcasts are more than a decade old but they are only starting to gain popularity among people now. With every broadcast, podcasts are becoming more popular and more influential. There is an overwhelming abundance of information on various subject matters available in the podcast-sphere. Some podcasts cover current events, politics, health, fitness, showbiz, comedy, and even horror stories.

The internet community is also blessed with several podcasts which focus on psychedelics which talk about experiences in the realm of psychedelia. They also tackle topics such as psychedelic culture, research, spirituality, therapy, and so much more!

This is a list of some of the best psychedelic podcasts for you to follow. Not all of them are dedicated to the subject of psychedelics but they all have solid episodes revolving around psychedelics. In case they’re no longer producing new episodes, you can still backtrack through their archives to listen to excellent psychedelic content.

High Existence Podcast

An extension of the well-established High Existence Blog, the High Existence Podcast is your resource for tons of psychedelic topics such as the things you need to know before taking ayahuasca. His podcast aims to provide a platform for freethinkers to connect and discuss their ideas and to follow what makes them happy.

The episodes also follow a formula which explores all aspects of the human condition while questioning anything which is considered “normal.”

High Existence doesn’t have a lot of episodes but their archives is a goldmine with episodes featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin, and futurist Vinay Gupta.

Adventures through the Mind

This is a deeply-informed podcast which features interviews with guests who are considered leaders in the psychedelic renaissance. When listening to Adventures of the Mind, you may realize their content actually ranges to a wide variety of topics – spirituality, mental health, emotional maturity, love, relationships, sexuality, philosophy, history, and neuroscience.

However, these topics always have two themes in common: psychedelics and the mind.

Some of the distinguished guests in this podcast are psychedelic luminaries such as Rak Razam, Martin Ball, and Bruce Damer. This show is also hosted by james W. Jesso, the author of Decomposing the Shadow: Lessons from the Psilocybin Mushroom.

Dosenation Podcast

Building off the success of the Dosenation Blog, the Dosenation Podcast is a successful spinoff which has been active for several years. Hosted by political commentator and social activist Jake Kettle and author James Kent.

After being off the air for a year, the show was revived for ten final episodes created by James Kent to focus on his unfiltered thoughts about psychedelics. These ten episodes are still being released and revolve around reality, underground research, and bad trips.

It’s best to listen to Dosenation with an open mind in order to gain insider information oon all things psychedelic.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

This sounds like a vintage variety show but make no mistake. This is a podcast which fuses any different topics together such as artificial intelligence, spirituality, and comic books. However, host Duncan Trussell also interviews leaders in the psychedelic world such as Dennis McKenna, Hamilton Morris, and visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour is an intelligent and compelling podcast but it also has plenty of heart and charm. Some episodes which feature comedians Joe Rogan and Shane Mauss are downright entertaining and will surely leave you laughing on the floor.

Buddhist Geeks


buddhism | Image powered by thoughtco

Don’t let its name fool you. Although you can expect topics like Buddhism, compassion, and contemplation to be central in this podcast, the host of Buddhist Geeks has started to shift towards exclusively creating content about psychedelics.

So far, the psychedelic titles covered in this podcast are:

  • Meditating on Psychedelics
  • Psychedelic Science
  • Meditating on Mushrooms
  • Psilocybin: A Crash Course in Mindfulness
  • Psychedelic Buddhists
  • Yogi Medicine

Since the podcast’s inception ten years ago, Buddhist Geeks’ hosts have described themselves as “Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky” and changing towards a psychedelic theme could create exciting content for its most faithful listeners.

Here We Are

Shane Mauss spent a great deal of time in the spotlight because of his live performance in A Good Trip Tour but his podcast, Here We Are, is the reason why he’s on this list.

Here We Are is a science podcast where Mauss interviews science experts across the country in a journey of humanity’s self-discovery. Mauss’ appreciation of science shines through in every espiode and he has talked to people in the scientific community about topics such as consumer behavior, biodiversity, and even 3D printed sex toys.

Mauss also aired psychedelic-themed episodes which cover the subjects of psychedelics and philosophy, psychedelic research and drug policies, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Mauss injects plenty of his personality into every enlightening episode.



Entheogen | Image powered by psychedelicadventure

“Elevate the Conversation,” is this podcast’s tagline and that is exactly what it does! Entheogen is a podcast which is focused on psychedelics and related tools in therapeutic, medicinal, sacramental, and recreational contexts.

This off-the-wall podcast is hosted by three friends and covers topics about how psychedelics can be used in therapy, medicine, sacraments, and recreation. Notable guests in the past include Julie Holland, Neal Goldsmith, and Earth and Fire Erowid.

They’re currently on hiatus but Entheogen’s catalog is filled with old episodes for you to check out.

Joe Rogan Experience


rogan | Image powered by herb

Joe Rogan goes deep in his show, the Joe Rogan Experience. He played host to plenty of psychedelic personalities over the course of his show’s run including the infamous pharmacologist Dennis McKenna, and investigative journalist Amber Lyon. Fellow comedian Shae Mauss also shines in one of the episodes.

To get the truth out of his guests, Rogan is not afraid to play the devil’s advocate. Say what you want about Rogan but he is always willing to ask the hard questions. For the best educational audio content lasting 2 to 5 hours, look no further than the Joe Rogan Experience.

Psychedelic Salon


psychedelic-salon | Image powered by whyproject

The Psychedelic Salon started way back in 2005 with host Lorenzo Hagerty. This makes it one of the longest-running psychedelic podcasts in history.

Hagerty himself has an interesting career history. He used to practice law in Texas but has transitioned to other careers including working as a stuntman, working in the world of tech, and now he is playing an important role in the psychedelic community.

He created the Psychedelic Salon podcast to share lectures and interviews featuring interesting people such as Sasha Shulgin, Dr. Timothy Leary. Roland Griffiths, Alicia Danforth, and Daniel Pinchbeck. If psychedelic history is something you’re interested in, the Psychedelic Salon is the podcast for you.

MAPS Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Timothy Leary’s son, Zach Leary, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Podcast was released earlier this year. Despite its young age, this podcast sticks to a consistent schedule of creating and publishing exceptional content.

Among the impressive list of interviewees are psychologist James Fadiman, addiction expert Gabor Mate, and psychiatrist Stanislav Garof. Zach Leary isn’t just Dr. Leary’s son. He’s also an impressive interviewer who can get his guests to easily open up.

Psymposia Podcast

Psymposia is fairly new, only having started earlier this year. Despite this, they already aired interviews featuring some influential people in the psychedelic community. Some of these noteworthy interviewees include the Executive Director of MAPS Canada Mark Haden, Executive Director of DanceSafe Mitchell Gomez, and author Dr. Thomas Roberts who gained fame from his book “The Psychedelic Future of the Mind.”

Psychedelic Times Podcast

Psychedelic Times founder Joe Mattia also hosts his own podcast. Mattia is a recovery coach who specializes in psychedelic consulting and integration.

The Psychedelic Times Podcast brings to audiences the latest research and development about psychedelic substances. It also highlights key people in the psychedelic community who may have something to say to a wider audience.

Some of the interviewees include therapists, advocates, community leaders, and researchers who are leaders in their respective fields.

With the Psychedelic Times, you can expect nothing other than straight facts.

Reset with Amber Lyon

Only a few full podcast episodes from Reset with Amber Lyon are available but this show is definitely worth a listen.

The main website,, provides journalism on natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. Its mission statement is to reset your mind, and to reset your life.

Reset offers high quality content about wellness, mental health, personal stories, psychedelic research, and even features submissions from listeners.

Podcasts are great sources of information and updates in the world of psychedelics. No matter which psychedelic podcast you listen to, get your psychedelic truffles only from one place: Truffle Magic!

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