Three short psilocybe hollandia reviews

Today, three short psilocybe hollandia reviews. In our opinion, the psilocybe hollandia is the best magic truffle to use. We will also publish one long review/experience with magic truffles each week. Do you have a story about your experience with magic truffles? Don’t hesitate and send us an e-mail!

Review 1:
Guys, first of all thanks a lot! you guys rule! effect of the magic truffles: Realy visual! not that much of mixed up emotion Best with: MDMA (IMO)!!!! Only use MDMA if you are more experienced 😉
Durance: like  3 till 4 hours
Points: 9 out of 10
Are they heavy to handle?: No (not for me)
Are they easy to control?: Yes
Tasted like: Batteries (like always) Don’t eat with apple!
Shipment: Fast and Fast!

If you guys need more information dont be afraid to ask.

Review 2:
Overall quality: Great, delivered in a vacuum-sealed package, perfect for using immediately or freezing. I used them after about three weeks (put them in the fridge). Taste: Mmm. Not my thing. Nutty, but with a weird afterflavour – but really, this is the case with all truffles for me, so I was prepared. Making truffle tea might be an alternative for next time. Trip: Wonderful, not as heavy as I’d expected but very ‘cheerful’, we laughed a lot. Service: Perfect: quick, great packaging, discreet envelope. Very satisfied.

Review 3:
About my trip. I took the psilocybe hollandia. They tasted like nuts, which was quite good, I was expecting a horrible taste but was surprised in a good way. The trip was very exciting as I was in a drum and bass party at that time and it felt very awesome. Can’t say anything about the quality because it was my first time trying magic truffles and I’ve never tried magic mushrooms. Your service was excellent and shipping took something like a week to reach Estonia. Overall I was very satisfied and can’t wait to try again. I surely would recommend these magic truffles to my friends. Good luck with your shop!

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  1. barnescmx 31st December 2019 at 00:33 #

    astonishing Service from these guys, thanks so much, 5/5 in 3 months is impressive, 100% ??

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