The relationship between religion and psychoactive substances.

Anyone who thinks about religion in combination with stimulants will not be quick to say that these two go hand in hand. After all, most religious people keep far away from every substance that has an effect on the mind. But whoever plunges into history, finds out that religion is inextricably linked with stimulants.

The use of substances in religions is of all times. These were always botanicals with a psychoactive effect. They call these drugs entheogens, which means bringing the divine in you. Although many religions have used these stimulants the three world’s largest religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam have never used in religious context. As a result, most people do not make the link between religion and drugs. But if we look beyond that there are many religions in the world in which psychoactive drugs play a major role.

The purpose for which certain religions use stimulants depends on the religion and per person. Priests sometimes use it to gain knowledge by coming into contact with God. Some members and supporters use stimulants to fill themselves with the divine or to find out more about themselves. It is very seldom that people who use stimulants in a religious context turn into problematic drug users. This is because these people often take it in a ritual context, and leave it at that.

In the early Indian Hindus often use ‘Soma’. This is a drink that was brewed from a plant and was taken during certain rituals. The belief was that drinking the potion made you immortal. It is to this day still not clear what plant it was exactly. Today Hindus no longer take Soma. For some Hindus cannabis plays a role in the faith. The ancient Greeks also used stimulants. Several mystery religions used psychoactive beverages. It is said that these were opiates, but because the old religions no longer exist it will never really clear. In some religions there is a role for the so-called Shaman. With these beliefs, the use of entheogens is still quite common. The shaman is someone with prestige and authority in certain religions. By using stimulants the shaman brings himself into a trance. This gives him the chance to visit the supernatural and to gain knowledge and insights he uses to heal people for example.

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