The five levels of tripping

When taking truffles or other psychedelics, many psychonauts are talking about their “level 4 trip”. There’s a good chance you aren’t sure what they’re talking about, and actually the trip levels are just a way to explain to others what kind of psychedelic experience you had.

We are not going to explain how much you have to take to reach a certain trip level. It really differs from person to person. Results vary because there are so many ways people perceive their experience, and there is no perfect way of generalizing an experience into “levels”. It is what it is.

A trip on magic truffles - The five trip levels

Trip level 1: A little numb and very social

You may feel extreme relaxation, a “stoning” effect. Colours and sounds may be different; wider, brighter and clearer. You are socially more active, and maybe a bit philosophical.

Trip level 2: Creativity and mild visuals

Everything looks bright and objects may look like they’re slightly moving and breathing. When you focus on objects, it may look like they are made of smooth plastic. When you close your eyes, you may see some patterns. Your short term memory changes, which causes you to change thoughts rapidly. Your natural way of thought is bypassed, which makes you creative and come up with new ideas.

Level 2 Trip: Things start to move and breathe

Trip level 3: Stronger visuals, mild hallucinations

Strong visuals, kaleidoscopic effects, and waving, warping objects and faces around you. Mild hallucinations like flowing water and trees. Closed eye hallucinations are more obvious and attractive (probably 3D). Some disorientation as what you can feel, see or hear. Lost control over what time it is and how long you’ve been tripping.


Trip level 4: Intense hallucinations

Intense hallucinations, things around you are morphing. You may feel that objects or hallucinations are talking to you. You may feel multiple emotions at once, contradictions. Time and reality seem meaningless. Mild synesthesia. Possibly out-of-body experiences.

Trip level 5: Total loss of reality

Visually, everything is different. Reality and ego are dissolved. You are not sure what you see and what you hear, because everything seems to function as one. Time and reality are gone. You feel like merging with the universe and/or objects around you. There is no way of perceiving things, there is no right or wrong, there is no reality. You feel like you are blended with space and eternity. Some call this Satori, awakening or enlightenment.

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