The Effects of Pot Brownie vs. Shrooms

The Effects of Pot Brownie vs. Shrooms

How far will you go to test the difference between magic mushrooms and weed? Will you take both drugs at different times and see how you will perform under different circumstances? Because that is exactly what YouTube channel PsychedSubstance set out to do.

After seeing the Buzzfeed video “Drunk vs. Stoned,” PsychedSubstance decided to perform the same tasks they performed but instead of smoking weed or drinking booze, he will be comparing the effects of eating a potent pot brownie vs. ingesting 3 grams of dried Psilocybin mushrooms.

Which of these naturally occurring psychoactive substance will allow an individual to function more productively?

THC and Psilocybin Differences

The active substances found in marijuana and magic mushrooms are THC and psilocybin respectively.

Although the sensation of being high is different for both drugs, they have some similarities. First is euphoria as evidenced by incessant giggling. For many shroomers and stoners, it is one of the most pleasurable side effects.

Both drugs produce a slower perception of time. It can also be quite relaxing because they cause people to slow down and become less coordinated too. Both drugs also stimulate creative thinking in light doses and, when take correctly, can make people feel happy, and contented.

However, THC causes sleepiness while psilocybin isn’t really ideal for sleeping. Psilocybin also suppresses appetite in most cases while THC causes on to experience “the munchies.”

Comparing the Effects of Cannabis and Shrooms

These substances were taken at different times but the effects were compared through the accomplishment of different tasks or challenges.

The tasks were performed at least 90 minutes after ingesting the substances to give them enough time to be absorbed by the body.

  • Challenge 1: Catching a Tennis Ball

Marijuana: He was able to catch 4 out of 10 balls. He seems slightly slower when catching the balls while stoned and he did say, “the balls are scary.”

Magic Mushrooms: He easily caught 5 out of 10 tennis balls. You can also see the vast difference between the two substances based on his demeanor. Under shrooms, he’s more coordinated and is visibly happier, even remarking, “this is hilarious to me right now.”

Comparing the Effects of Cannabis and Shrooms

Winner: Shrooms

  • Challenge 2: Act Sober for 10 Seconds

Marijuana: This is one of the challenges where the stoned version of himself failed miserably.

He was pale, almost green, and his pupils were dilated on weed. Even his demeanor is drastically different. It’s obvious that he was no longer in full control of his body.

Magic Mushrooms: Meanwhile, his appearance on shrooms looked like he was ready to the local farmer’s market.

Magic Mushrooms

Winner: Shrooms

  • Challenge 3: Dance Off

Marijuana: His movements were limited to standing still and awkwardly moving his body around.

Magic Mushrooms: He claims he feels stuck to the ground and that he was growing roots. Nevertheless, he was still able to perform better dance moves than when he was on weed.

Dance Off

Winner: Shrooms

  • Challenge 4: Exercise Ball

Marijuana: For this challenge, he used alternating hand and leg movements while holding a stability ball. Somehow, his movements were more fluid and more coordinated under the effects of weed compared to shrooms. His limbs were straighter and he was more capable of maintaining strength in his core.

Magic Mushrooms: He was more weighed down on shrooms. Not only are his legs more crooked and awkwardly flexed, he was obviously having difficulty in maintaining his form.

This one’s a no-brainer.

Magic Mushrooms is more

Winner: Marijuana

  • Challenge 5: Draw Girlfriend

Marijuana: Even before he started putting pen to paper, he already opened with “I’m too high for this,” under the influence of weed. He also said he can’t draw whatsoever. He then proceeded to draw a photo of his girlfriend using unrealistic colors.

Magic Mushrooms: He was drastically more functional. He mentioned how everything looks blobby and he is unable to draw a straight line. Still, he was able to produce a passable drawing of his girlfriend which has better lines and more realistic colors.

Draw Girlfriend

Winner: Shrooms

  • Final Challenge: Build a 200-pc. Lego Set

Marijuana: Before getting his hands on the Lego set, he had to go to the washroom to throw up. He was able to complete the Lego set 1 minute earlier under the influence of weed. However, he did admit to taking a 4-hour break while constructing the Lego set while he was high on weed because he was too sick.

Magic Mushrooms: Under shrooms, he was laughing at every little thing despite being intimidated by the huge number of small parts. Too much time was spent laughing at Boba Fett.

Winner: Marijuana

Go back to the first question in the article: Which of these naturally occurring psychoactive substance will allow an individual to function more productively? The clear answer is shrooms with a score of 4 to 2!

Effects of Magic Mushrooms after One Day

A full day after ingesting weed, he claims to feel slower, and “definitely not sharp.”

A day after eating the shrooms, he felt good, and clear-headed. He didn’t feel different from any other day. Basing on his previous experience with shrooms, they don’t have too much of a come down. He went on to say shrooms gave him a positive experience.

Who knew he would perform better on a psychedelic than on cannabis?

PsychedSubstance’s effort should bring the magic mushrooms vs. marijuana debate one step closer to resolution. However, this debate is far from over. There are still many things people need to consider before taking either drug. In the end, it will boil down to a person’s preference.

If you want to compare the effects of magic mushrooms and weed, or if you just want to enjoy a psychedelic journey on your own without doing any of these physical activities, magic truffles should allow you to explore these psychedelic possibilities.

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