The effects of magic truffles

What can we say about how truffles effect your brain? The effect relies on various factors such as your mood and general well-being. Also, the amount of food in your stomach is a factor. Truffles have a lighter impact on someone who has just eaten than one who takes truffles on an empty stomach. There are some divergent experiences though.

Kaleidoscopic effect
• An intense experience of colour, sound and open eyed visual transformations or caleidoscopic closed eyed visuals.
• A feeling of happiness and contentment
• Laughter
• Abnormal sensory perceptions

After taking the truffles, it usually takes about 45 minutes before the first effects kick in. Pupils may dilate, colours are more intense and some people see patterns on walls and ceilings. You will experience music more intense, you will feel more emotional attached to the music, and you will hear everything in more detail. If you close your eyes you will often perceive patterns, which can be kaleidoscopic or other coloured forms. In some cases you can even control the patterns you see.

Although the trip in most cases  lasts for 4 to 6 hours, the user often perceives it as if it took much longer. This is because the truffles also affect your sense of time. When the trip ends you will be amazed of the effect. Usually it is difficult to describe the exact effects of magic truffles. It has a big influence on your way of thinking and it’s not easy (probably impossible) to explain it in words to someone who has’nt had the experience. Make sure you know what we are talking about. You can order magic truffels easily in our webshop.

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