The best experience: how to achieve it

In one of our previous articles we have discussed the key conditions for a nice trip: set and setting. Although these are the main conditions there are more things you should take into account to achieve a nice trip. In this article I look at what else is involved.

First, the motivation is key. If you are truly looking for new knowledge and insights, and if you appreciate life, you will most likely enjoy your trip. Truffles are often used for recreational purposes. The main motivation of the recreational truffle user include an enhanced perception, enhancing beauty and meaning. Magic Truffles can also result in a sense of solidarity among the users.

There are some pitfalls that recreational users should be aware of. If you are using purely to stimulate your senses positive you can be overwhelmed. There is an eruption of unconscious feelings. without knowing how to deal with it, it can overwhelm you. Another potential pitfall is that the constant search for pleasure triggers a change in personality type that isn’t going to help you in any way.

Honesty is another characteristic of a successful Magic Truffle trip. With honesty, I mean the courage needed to face everything that is deeply in the mind, and not to ignore it. If you encounter failures of yourself in your subconscious you have to admit it and not stand out in defense. This can lead to unpleasant feelings.

To make you open to the experience you need the discipline to clear your mind. If all kinds of feelings are in your head before you start the trip, this is just disrupting. Especially if these are negative feelings. Then you’d better not take truffles at all.  Magic Truffles reinforce your feelings, both negative and positive.


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