Magic Truffle

Taste of Magic Mushrooms

Getting used to the taste of magic mushrooms

The mind-altering journey from a magic truffle begins when you open your mouth but what do magic shrooms taste like? What happens when they touch your taste buds?

People have different reactions to the taste of magic truffles. Some find the taste pleasant and tolerable. A smaller percentage of users think it’s a taste that’s difficult to get used to. It all boils down to this: the taste shouldn’t get in the way of your psychedelic trip.

First-time magic shroom users can expect the truffles to have different tastes depending on its preparation.

Fresh mushrooms have a chewy texture similar to squid. It has an earthy quality to it. Some people compare its taste to porcini, a gourmet mushroom with a strong nutty flavor. Dried mushrooms are comparable to jerky in texture and break in your mouth like crackers. Both leave an aftertaste that can last up to a day.

The taste of magic mushrooms are far from the best gourmet meals. However, once you get past the taste, they can open you up to sensations you’ve never had. Those who ate magic shrooms always talk of having an out-of-body experience, a feeling of time slowing down, and an openness to their imagination.

Magic truffle fans have found ways to get around the truffle taste.

Magic Truffle Tea

Preparing tea from magic truffles make them easy to digest. Many people choose tea as the method to ingest them. A simple way to prepare the tea is to boil water then set it aside. Cut the truffles into tiny pieces and mix them into the hot water, stir, strain, and enjoy! You can throw in your favorite flavor tea to the concoction to enhance the taste!

Magic Truffle Pizza

This is a fun way to share magic truffles with your friends. Spread slices of fresh magic shrooms on top of a pizza and you’re done!

Magic Truffle Risotto

Heat destroys psilocybin. This would prevent you from enjoying the effects of magic mushroom. Add the magic mushrooms to your risotto after stirring for 30-45 minutes over medium heat. You can also add Parmigiano cheese to complement the magic mushrooms. You’d have a hard time resisting this dish.

No-Bake Magic Truffle Oatmeal Cookies

These make great desserts. Combine 2 cups of sugar, 1 stick of butter, ½ cup low-fat milk, 1/3 cup baking cocoa, and 3 cups of oats in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil over medium heat for 3 minutes while stirring. Remove from heat. Add ground truffles. This makes about 3 dozen cookies. Don’t eat them all unless you want to find yourself talking to the universe.

Magic Chocolate Truffles

Melt some dark chocolate in a saucepan. When it’s good and creamy, remove it from the flame and mix in some chopped magic truffles. Pour it into a mold or ice tray and let it harden.

Magic Truffle Capsules

If you’re not the culinary type, this will be your best option. First, buy some vegetarian capsules and empty their contents. Grind dried magic truffles in a coffee grinder. Put the ground truffles inside the capsules. Now you can take magic truffles and get around the taste.

How you want to consume your truffles is a matter of preference. Just remember not to expose them to heat so they won’t lose potency.

Get your hands on some magic mushrooms now and get creative!

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