Steve Jobs: “I’m glad I used psychedelics, it was a positive life changing experience for me”

Steve Jobs is positive about his use of psychedelic drugs


We know Magic truffles and mushrooms have stimulated many creative minds to come up with brilliant ideas.. A while ago, the pentagon released some interesting facts about Steve Job’s usage of psychedelics.

Though Free Information Laws in the US, new material has been released by the Pentagon, about Steve Jobs. It wasn’t a secret that he was into recreational drugs in the past. But in these reports he made some impressive statements about his psychedelic use between 1972 and 1974.


Steve Jobs states it was a “positive life changing experience” and that he was “glad he went through that experience”.


He took psychedelics when he was alone, and when he took with marijuana, it made him “relaxed and creative”, he stated. He credits getting high to stimulating his creativity.



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