Some trip experiences

This is my first blog about this fantastic smartdrug! I will start with writing about some nice experiences I had with drugs the last years. My first trip was the most special.

Tripping for the first time

My first trip was the most special trip I’ve experienced until now. We ‘tripped’ at  my best friends house. My friend called me in the early morning. She asked me if I would take a ‘trip’ with her that day. At that time, I never thought about taking mushrooms because I was very young. But I said yes, and we had so much fun. My best friend’s brother, Tim, went to bed early, because he was very tired.

Tim told us we had to start with half a portion, so that’s what we did. About 30 minutes later we didn’t felt anything, so we took some more. At the end we didn’t know how much mushrooms we took.

Special hallucinations

Suddenly, we felt something. We saw ants walking at the lamp. That was so special, we decided to take a picture. When we saw the picture the next day, there was nothing special to see. The ants were gone. I also saw a poster from the Simpsons. All puppets became grey and they were waving at me. They also smiled the whole time.

Suddenly I took a look out of the window. I saw a cat walking. Normally I like cats, but at that moment I was scared for the cat because it was flying. On the sly I did want to go outside to fly with the cat together, but I was a bit scared though.

The next day we went to a festival and layed the whole day in the sun.

Tripping upside down

We wanted to watch te stars. We thought it would be nice to ‘trip’ that night on truffles. Unfortunately we didn’t see any stars that night. At one moment I thought we were living upsidedown, ha ha. We were next to a big lake and it was windless down there. Above us, we saw a lot of little clouds and the full moon.


I saw a completely new world when I saw the water in the lake. My friend and I talked about it, but he didn’t see anything and was laughing out loud. At that moment everything changed. I thought I was sober again. When we took a walk through the woods, I saw lakes everywhere, haha. It looked like a ravine where you really shouldn’t fell into. We were still laughing out loud, and jumped over the lakes.

Close-knit group of friends

I was invited to take a ‘trip’ again with a friend of mine. We decided to go to the woods with a group of his friends, to see the full moon. I didn’t know anyone from his group of friends, but I decided to go with them!

I remember a few things about that night. His friends were really nice to me. Something I really missed in my live until then. Now they also are my friends! I really enjoyed that night because they were so nice to me.


This blog was written by Lindeboom

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