Smartshop and headshop, what’s the difference?

The Netherlands have the most smartshops throughout Europe. A smartshop sells legal psychedelics, stimulants (energizers) and aphrodisiacs. Think of hallucinogenic cacti and various herbs, and seeds such as ephedra and guarana. Until 2008 it was also possible to buy magic mushrooms and salvia.

No synthetic drugs

The products that are sold in a smartshop, usually are natural. Earlier, smart shops in the Netherlands also sold synthetic drugs, like 2C-B and 4MTA. Today, it’s forbidden for shops to sell them. Although the production and possession of these drugs is legally, you may not sell synthetic drugs. Unless it is registered as food, dietary supplement or medicine.

What does a smartshop sell?

Smartshops sell all kinds of products developed for the use of various kinds of drugs, including the illegal ones. In the United States it’s prohibited to sell these products. Therefore, a special law is made: the “drug paraphernalia law ‘.

Many of these ‘paraphernalia’ directly or indirectly reduce the damage that the use of illegal drugs can bring. Like testkits for analysis of the purity of ecstasy. Or nutritional supplements containing certain vitamins and amino acids to lower the side effects of certain illegal drugs to a minimum.

Smartshops are an important source of information about the products they sell. For example information about side effects. And the importance of a good set and setting.

Smartshop vs. headshop

Most other countries have headshops instead of smartshops. The difference is that the headshops sell no psychoactive substances. You can only buy your drug-related merchandise there.

Think of everything you need for smoking cannabis or marihuana. Or papers, (water) pipes, grinders, vaporizers, etc. But also attributes for illegal drugs such as snuff spoons. A headshop also sells consumer goods, clothing and jewelry with prints of related logos.

Even little scales and containers may belong to the range. Headshops with a wider range sell, for example, images of fairy tale characters or psychedelic posters. In the Netherlands we have more smartshops than headshops, simply because smartdrugs are legalized. Some coffeeshops also have a headshop.

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