Shroomery: The Ultimate Magic Mushroom Resource

Magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) have long been a controversial topic since time immemorial. Its cultivation and use, though, traces back to the indigenous tribes in Africa to Central America as well as other parts of the world. Also called shrooms, it has always been a part of varying cultures. Despite its colorful history, it remains shrouded in myths and misinformation today as it was in the past.

The hippie movement was at its height during the 70s. It was also during this period that the use of magic mushrooms became banned. In those confusing times, its usage was also deemed to defy the religious norms. It would take three decades before the regulations eased. Since then, more scientists and researchers are looking into its use for purposes other than merely recreational.

As the awareness of shrooms and its potential benefits continue to grow, the need for a resource site became apparent. Nowadays, people are accustomed to finding information online. However, the info is only as good as the source. In other words, it became evident that there is a need for a reputable and comprehensive website.

Two Decades of Shroomery and Schrooms


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Mind Media, a California-based online solutions company, started the Shroomery in 1997. Since its launching, it has become the go-to reference for anything related to magic mushrooms.

The Ultimate Shroom Source


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Shroomery takes pride in having a distinct, clear, resounding platform. It caters to a wide range of audience – from beginners to veteran growers as well as individuals looking for information on magic mushrooms.

Regardless of the intent, the site wants to make one thing clear. It is up to the people who use the site to exercise good judgment. Some people want to incorporate growing into their lifestyle. Others want to experience the hallucinating effects on a lazy weekend. Regardless, the burden of responsibility is on the audience, not on Shroomery. In essence, any information provided on the site are for educational purposes only.

Among the information that one can gather from the site are details on cultivating mushrooms. It has up-to-date and in-depth coverage of magic mushrooms, gourmet mushrooms, and medicinal mushrooms. The topics are well-organized and presented in an easy to understand format with links to related content.

Aside from cultivation, Shroomery also has a category for the experience of using shrooms. In this section, some of the materials include information on the psychedelic experiences and medical uses. Furthermore, it also contains reviews and feedbacks from veterans and expert cultivators.

An interesting section on Shroomery is the guide to spotting and hunting Psilocybin species in different locations worldwide. It also includes other tips and helpful information on things to do or avoid doing.

Key Information Provided

What makes Shroomery the leading resource platform for magic mushrooms on the internet?

At the heart of a resource site is the information it provides. To be the ultimate resource or guide for shrooms, it must contain accurate and relevant information that the audience needs. Finally, it should be organized and presented in a manner that is not only easy to navigate but also insightful.

Here are some of the reasons which make Shroomery the leading reference site for magic mushrooms:

  1. Know how to grow and cultivate mushrooms in the backyard.
  2. Learn to cook different mushroom recipes – from chocolate bars, tea, sundae, honey, soups and even tequila.
  3. Read and contribute trip reports on psychedelic experiences and share it with others.
  4. Air concerns through the message boards.
  5. Connect with fellow magic mushroom enthusiasts around the world and exchange thoughts on growing.

Building an Informed Shroom Community

Shroomery, on the surface, is arguably the best resource site on magic mushrooms. However, more than the information and updates it provides, it is also a platform for the shroom community. It is the medium that people with similar interests not only share their knowledge and thoughts but also to support each other.

In more ways than one, the phenomenal growth of the site is a reflection of the growing interest in shrooms. To date, it has over a hundred thousand registered users. From current updates and news to other trending articles found in its community page, the sheer volume of monthly visitors is staggering.

Because of its stature, the people behind Mind Media have taken it upon themselves to promote responsible use. In other words, Shroomery encourages the proper use of magic mushrooms. At the same time, it also debunks underlying misconceptions and myths about the use of shrooms.

As a community of people with shared interest, the exchange of thoughts and ideas are by all means not limited to magic mushrooms. In fact, many of the interactions involve a wide range of topics – politics, music, arts, home improvement, and more.

It has been two decades since the site launched. From its humble beginning, it has grown to be the ultimate resource for anything related to magic mushrooms. Instead of merely providing information, it has since become a means for a community of people to interact and exchange knowledge and experiences.

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  1. lenidemik8797 10th April 2019 at 21:48 #

    when to harvest? how do you know spores are about to fall? I have four specimens about 4 inches tall–how big do they get?

    • Peter de Boer 11th April 2019 at 13:56 #

      You can check underneath the top for the gills opening, that will be just before the spores fall. They are good to use even after releasing their spores, so when to harvest depends on how soon you plan on using them.

  2. Valerie Aue 26th April 2018 at 18:01 #

    I really enjoyed these. Thanks

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