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Magic Mushrooms 101

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Important tips for people using magic mushrooms for the first time. How do magic mushrooms feel? How do you ensure a good trip with magic mushrooms? What is the right dose of magic mushrooms? How much time does it take to feel the effects of magic mushrooms? Are Magic Mushrooms Dangerous? Where do I get […]

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms


These are some of the best places for magic mushrooms fans Amsterdam Koh Phangan Lamas The Golden Triangle Vang Vieng Gili Trawangan People travel for many reasons. They search for great cuisine, music, and sights. And then there are some travelers who wish to see the local magic mushroom culture. From the rain forests of […]

Identifying different types of magic mushrooms

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An Eye for Shrooms Out of thousands of species of mushrooms, some have gained popularity because of their hallucinogenic properties. There are over 180 types of magic mushrooms in the world. Every specie has a different amount of psilocybin, a substance that produces a psychedelic effect comparable to LSD. Without the right knowledge about mushrooms, […]

Drying Magic Shrooms

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THE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO DRYING MAGIC SHROOMS: It all starts with harvesting at the right time. There is a right way to harvest. Yes, there is a pre-drying phase. Create your own desiccant. Dry your magic shrooms using the desiccant. Unconventional Methods for Drying and Storing Magic Mushrooms Silica Gel Chocolates Freon Drying magic mushrooms […]

What Are Magic Truffles?

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Magic truffles are a type of mushroom that grows beneath the ground and are better known for their hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects. Magic truffles contain the substances psilocin and psilocybin, which causes these effects. These are the same substances that are in magic mushrooms. The largest difference is that magic truffles grow beneath the surface […]

Magic Truffle Growkit Instructions

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The magic truffle growing kits have been developed to provide the freshest user experience. These kits stay good under very extreme circumstances, and can be harvested within three days or later if you wish. With a kit like this, you always have high quality truffles around. A truffle is a fungus and a fungus is […]

New research team transforms lives with magic mushrooms


During the last 15 years,  the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has dosed hundreds of people with various psychedelic drugs. William Richards, who specializes in the psychology of religion, sees psychedelics can be used to unlock parts of the brain for the better. Great results with entheogens Magic mushrooms have already shown promising results in treating conditions […]

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