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Magic Shrooms vs. Weed

mushrooms vs weeds

Ways to Consume Weed and Magic Mushrooms Effects of Weed and Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits of Marijuana and Shrooms How Long Does Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms Stay in the Body? Weed and magic shrooms share some similarities. First, they’re both used for recreation to produce a sense of “high.” Both weed and magic mushrooms grow […]

Magic Truffle Hunting

hunting mushys

What Are Magic Truffles? Are Magic Truffles Different from Magic Mushrooms? Where to Find Magic Truffles? Tips on Hunting for Magic Truffles Hunting for magic truffles is a fun experience which rewards you with plenty of hallucinogenic goodness at the end of the day. However, not all magic truffle hunters are successful. Before you set […]

What Are the Most Common Types of Magic Mushrooms?

kinds of mushroom

Psilocybe mushrooms Conocybe mushrooms Copelandia/Panaeolus mushrooms Galerina msuhrooms Inocybe mushrooms Mycena mushrooms There are thousands of mushrooms species on the planet but the Psilocybin mushrooms have gained popularity for their hallucinogenic properties. But did you know there are other types of magic mushrooms that can produce psychedelic effects too? This article lists the different types […]

What Are Magic Mushrooms Representative Species

representative species

Psilocybe cubensis Psilocybe mexicana Psilocybe semilanceata Psilocybe cyanescens Amanita muscaria Magic mushrooms, also known as psychedelic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, are a group of fungi that contain psychoactive substances: psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. There are over 180 types of magic mushrooms worldwide but you don’t have to know them all. This article will guide you […]

Proper Cultivation for Psilocybe Mexicana Mushrooms


Psilocybe mexicana is one of the most well-known psilocybin mushroom strains that develop sclerotia. These sclerotia are basically the same as the fruiting body of mushrooms with their only differences being appearance and location. Sclerotia develop underground instead of above like mushrooms. Sclerotia is the part of Psilocybe mexicana which people refer to as “magic […]

The Best Magic Mushrooms


The definitive ranking of magic mushrooms based on their strength Psilocybe lnformans Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa Psilocybe stuntzii Psilocybe hoogshagenii Psilocybe weilii Psilocybe cubensis Psilocybe tampanensis Psilocybe cyanescens Psilocybe baeocystis Psilocybe semilanceata Psilocybe bohemica Psilocybe azurescens You’ve heard many things about the most popular type of magic mushroom: Psilocybe cubensis. But did you know there are more […]

Magic Mushroom Risotto Recipes


  RISOTTO RECIPE WITH REHYDRATED MAGIC MUSHROOMS RISOTTO RECIPE WITH DRIED MAGIC MUSHROOMS MAGIC MUSHROOMS WITH FRIED RICE There’s no denying it. Magic mushrooms don’t taste good. Topping them on pizza is one of the common and easy ways to cover up their taste. But if you’re ambitious and gifted in the kitchen, you can […]

Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression?


Tripping on magic mushrooms may have health benefits too. This is one of the revelations from separate studies last year which found how psilocybin, the psychoactive component in magic mushrooms, may hold the potential to significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Scientists also found out the effects from a single dose can last for several months. […]

Magic Mushrooms 101

mushroom trip

Important tips for people using magic mushrooms for the first time. How do magic mushrooms feel? How do you ensure a good trip with magic mushrooms? What is the right dose of magic mushrooms? How much time does it take to feel the effects of magic mushrooms? Are Magic Mushrooms Dangerous? Where do I get […]

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms


These are some of the best places for magic mushrooms fans Amsterdam Koh Phangan Lamas The Golden Triangle Vang Vieng Gili Trawangan People travel for many reasons. They search for great cuisine, music, and sights. And then there are some travelers who wish to see the local magic mushroom culture. From the rain forests of […]

Identifying different types of magic mushrooms

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An Eye for Shrooms Out of thousands of species of mushrooms, some have gained popularity because of their hallucinogenic properties. There are over 180 types of magic mushrooms in the world. Every specie has a different amount of psilocybin, a substance that produces a psychedelic effect comparable to LSD. Without the right knowledge about mushrooms, […]

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