Recipe: Magic Truffles with a magic shell

For this very easy recipe you only need 3 ingredients to turn your magic truffles into a perfect snack:

and a little dash of seasalt. Although the seasalt is not really necessary, it gives a nice kick to the chocolate layer!

chocolate magic trufflesMelt the coconut oil over very low heat (to prevent it from boiling or burning we recommand to use the au bain marie technique). Slowly stir in the chocolate until completely melted and blended.  Add a dash of salt.

When completely molten, dip the pieces of magic truffle in the chocolate and let it harden on a piece of baking paper. Continue until all pieces of magic truffle arre covered with a nice layer of chocolate. You can then repeat this untal you get a satisfactory thick layer of chocolate around your magic truffle.

If there is still some molten chocolate left, cover up some wallnuts and hazelnuts to go with the magic truffles. They fit really well together. Keep some of these when you get hungry during your trip, you will really enjoy their taste!

Have fun making this recipe and have a beautiful trip!

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