Shelf life and storage of magic truffles

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are a living organism. Like culinary mushrooms, they won’t stay fresh forever. The sooner you consume, the better the taste and the effect will be.

All magic truffles we produce and ship are vacuum-sealed according to the food industry standards. This way our products are kept fresh for as long as possible.

Store your vacuum-sealed magic truffles in a cool environment, preferably in the fridge. When the magic truffles are kept cool you can keep them for maximum of 3 months. After the 3 months have passed the freshness of the product can no longer be guaranteed. Advice: eat them as soon as possible ?

After breaking the seal the Magic truffles can be held in the fridge for maximum 3 days.

Never freeze your magic truffles as it will destroy its cell structure and diminish potency!

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