Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our preferred method of payment as it is private and borderless. We have a secured BTC option during checkout with automatic processing. All you need is a digital wallet and Bitcoins which you can set up in 5 minutes. You can buy bitcoins with a credit card, Paypal, bank and other methods. Please use this guide for more information.

BITCOIN CAN ONLY BE USED BY CHOOSING THE BITCOIN OPTION AT CHECKOUT. Do not send payments to old wallet addresses or emails!

The BTC checkout has a timeout, it is not possible to pay later, so you would need to make a new order and pay that if it has expired. Please do not take a screenshot of the QR code to pay later. The address shown is temporary. After the timeout, it will not be valid and your bitcoins might be gone.

NEVER SEND BITCOINS TO AN EMAIL ADDRESS. If you have not received a payment confirmation from Trufflemagic within 24 hours (Monday – Thursday): Contact customer support and ask us to verify your payment.

Ok I’ve heard enough, let’s start our journey!