How do I use magic truffles?

Magic truffles are a product of nature, so the amount of the active substance (psilocybin) is not exactly the same for every portion.

The intensity of your truffle-trip not only depends on the variety or the dose you’re taking.  Your personal body-reaction plays a part as well. Not everyone is equally sensitive to truffles. There are a couple of tips you can keep in mind to get the most out of your truffles.

  • Store the magic truffles in the fridge to keep them fresh. the fresher they are, the better the effect.
  • Don’t break the seal until you consume them to maintain freshness.
  • It’s best to eat light food like juice and soup (no meat) prior to the trip, then the truffles will be absorbed really well.
  • It’s also better not to drink any alcohol or coffee within that time.
  • Eating fast-absorbing sugar (e.g. processed sugar found in candy and sweets) causes a lower effect.
  • Be sure to chew well. Chewing causes the psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic truffle, to release.

Some people may experience a mild stomach ache just after they swallow truffles. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly normal side effect that disappears when the psilocybin starts working.

Usually, it will take up 45 minutes before the first effects are noticeable. Stay in a comfortable mental state, enjoy what happens to you and don’t fight it. And of course, you can always increase your dose if you wish to increase the effect. Take the recommended dose to start with and increase after an hour if you feel like you need more.

Because magic truffles have such a distinct taste some people prefer to make tea. To make tea with magic truffles you first have to boil some water. When the water is boiling, take it off the heat. Cut the magic truffles into little pieces and put them in the water. Make sure the water is no longer boiling when you do so as the high temperature might weaken the active ingredients in the truffles. After 15 minutes your tea is ready to be filtered. You can add some honey if you want to make it taste better.

We do not recommend taking truffles more than once a week. You will increase your tolerance and won’t be able to feel the effects. Also, we can’t guarantee taking them at a higher frequency is good for your health.

Be sure to read our trip guides and download our free ebook before your first experience.

Ok I’ve heard enough, let’s start our journey!