Psychonaut (ics)? Whut?

Psychonaut (ics)? Whut?

psychonaut is a person who explores limits of the subconscious. Pychonaut, translated from the Greek, means “sailor of the soul”.

Psychonautics are also called spiritual or mental travellers. Thus, he or she tries to gain more insights into life and get answers at vital questions. In that sense, psychonauts are very similar to shamans.


The use of hallucinogens

There are a lot of different methods to reach subconsciousness. A few examples to reach subconsciousness are meditation, lucid dreams and rhythmic music. You can also use hallucinogenic or psychoactive substances. Most of the time people use LSD, LSA, psilocybine, mescaline and salvia. One of the most intense product to hallucinate is DMT. DMT is also known as an important part of ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a herbal mixture used by Amazon Indians.

Want to know more? On the Internet, you can find various websites and communities to where psychonauts gather.

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