Psychedelic substances and the mystical experience

In an earlier blog article, we stressed the link between religion and Magic Truffles. Because its such a fascinating topic we want to take a closer look at this link but this time from a slightly more scientific approach.

The link between religion and psychedelics has come in the in the limelight of science has come in the 60s. The assumption was always that high doses and deeper levels of influence relate to a religious or mystical experience.

One of the most famous studies of the phenomenon was conducted by Walter Pahnke at the Harvard University. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study he gave half the participants psilocybin and the other half a placebo. Then everyone took part in a Good Friday mass. After the Mass, the participants were asked about their experiences. In the experimental group 9 out of 10 people admitted to have experienced a true spiritual encounter. In the control group just one person had a similar experience.
Since this study the famous experiment is often repeated. Recently the group of people in the example of researcher Pahnke were approached again. They were asked about their experiences during the experiment in the past. The group that was given psilocybin the experience was still regarded as true with mystical elements. In the control group nobody said so.
Nevertheless there is still much discussion about whether these experiences can be seen as genuine religious or spiritual experiences. Most Western societies are Christian. Christians often preach that people who are under the influence of any drug can’t possibly gain access to God. The debate is still ongoing and probably will not disappear soon. Considering that Christianity itself is not immune to potential psychedelic influences its immediately clear that the debate is far from over. People who want to experience the effects themselves can order Magic Truffles in our webshop. Let me know what you believe.

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  1. Lee Ashwell 8th January 2017 at 07:55 #

    I believe that religious experinces started the idea of a higher power and led many civilisations to mythical belief patterns that are greater via entogens to things than humans can understand as we have 90% of our minds locked away for our own good i believe because vicious and nasty are humans without channeling out the harmony of life when we see it on psycedelics or MDMA christrians have no right to say users of these recreational drugs seperates them from god as they are fruits of mother earth of which god so loved apparantly drugs recreational ones pacify us in time and should all be legal so veteran heavy users can advise on goodness and negativity of them entogens I see as a gateway to beyond.Bless u for all your work I shall be purchusing soon Lee Ashwell

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