Psychedelic Festivals worldwide that you should visit in 2014

BOOM Festival

August 4 – 11 | Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
BOOM Festival 2014
Imagine a huge picturesque lake in a beautiful Portuguese scenery with people from every country in the world. No chemical products are used and everything is powered with wind and solar energy. There is a strong focus on nature and consciousness. There are no differences, we are all the same, we are one.

That is the message of BOOM, which attracts visitors from all over the globe. Boom is a biennial festival, so there is no next year. This is the time.
Boom is focussed on psytrance, but also has an acoustic stage and places for courses, lectures, healing and much more so it attracts all kind of people. Boom is also about raising consciousness and living outside the dominant culture.

Watch this two-part BOOM documentary; Alchemy of Spirit, and Learn where it’s all about!



PSI-FI: Inside the Vortex

August 28th – September 1st | Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Psi-fi is a young festival, held for the first time in 2013, in Groningen, the Netherlands. It was a huge succes so this year the festival has moved to a hugepsi-fi area, filled with island lakes, near the beautiful Frisian city Leeuwarden. It holds great main acts like Ace Ventura and Cosmosis. Psi-Fi has all a great Psytrance festival needs; 6 beaches, 5 stages, markets, head shops, massages, ceremonies, healing sessions and so on. Much like BOOM, Psi-Fi is a festival where people cooperate, are together, and share a strong love and feeling of unity towards each other.

Here’s an impression of the (much) smaller-scale festival of 2013:


July 29th – August 8th | Ozora, Hungary

OZORA 2014

Ozora has been around since 2005, and has grown to one of the best visited psychedelic festivals in the world. OZORA is all about caring for all living beings. This festival has a big artistic side but is more focussed on mucic than above festivals. Therefore it usually has some of the better known artists in the psychedelic scene.

Lost Theory

July 22nd – 28th | Deringaj, Croatia

Lost Theory

Lost Theory is the perfect psychedelic festival for those who don’t like overcrowded areas like BOOM or O.Z.O.R.A. Though it still attracts the major artists and has different areas, markets and lectures. Lost theory is a place to exchanging your world visions while partying. Something for everyone to enjoy!


Other festivals worth mentioning:

Nowhere, Spain, July 8-13
Life Celebration, Pula – Croatia, July 10-14
SUN Festival, Hungary, July 22-27
ECLIPSE Festival, Quebec – Canada, July 25-28
MO:DEM, Croatia, July 15-23
WOMAD, in the UK, July 24-27
Little Zoom, Bern – Switzerland – July 31 – Aug 8
HADRA, France, August 21-24
Wonderland, Germany, August 22-24
Seli Mountain Gathering, Greece, Augustus 27-31
Tree of Life, in Turkey, September 18-23

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