Psilocybe Serbica

Psilocybe serbica is a very poorly known species of psychedelic fungi. Mycologists and shroomers need more investigation on its morphological variability, distribution, and relationship to other similar psilocybin species.

This psychedelic mushrooms contains the compound psilocybin and is a close relative of the Psilocybe cyanescens. However, the latter has a significantly stronger starchy odor and taste and unlike P. serbica, doesn’t attain translucence when moist.

It was one of the new species discovered by 1969. Chemical analysis performed in 2010 revealed Psilocybe serbica is not a separate species from the Psilocybe bohemica. In fact, they are one and the same.

Psilocybe Serbica Strain Guide

Psilocybe serbica’s cap can range from 1cm to 4cm across. It’s conical at first but as it ages, P. serbica’s cap starts to become more convex or campanulate – in simpler words, bell-shaped. Later on, it may become incurved then more plane.

The cap is buff brown to orange brown. However, because it changes color based on its level of hydration, you can expect it to have a pale ochre hue when completely dried. This smooth and translucent cap is also striped when moist but is surprisingly not as sticky as other shroom strains. The cap’s flesh is whitish to cream-colored.

Psilocybe serbica can be as short as 4.5cm or as tall as 8cm. Its stem never becomes thicker than 10mm. The stem has an equal structure which slightly enlarges towards the base. It is whitish with a silky gloss and has the white remnants of a fibrillose veil.

The gills can be seen growing towards the stem. These gills are light brown at first, becoming dark brown with age with a purple tint while the edges remain pale.

Psilocybe serbica shares a trait with all magic mushrooms in that it stains dark blue or bluish purple wherever it’s handled or injured.

You can’t detect a distinguishable smell from Psilocybe serbica but it does have a bitter taste.

The psychoactive compounds psilocybin and baeocystin are highest in the caps of the mushrooms. The hallucinations produced by this magic mushroom is incredibly variable because its psilocybin levels can range from 0.11% to 1.34% by dry weight.

Psilocybe Serbica Habitat

Psilocybe serbica is seen growing in small to large groups, usually on decayed deciduous and coniferous wood, twigs, compost, and plant residue. Searching for this mushroom will yield more success in moist places along creeks, forest path, and roadsides.

So far, it’s only been reported in four countries – Serbia, Austria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Specimens are only collected during its fruiting season – September and October.

Growing Psilocybe Serbica Outdoors

This outdoor preparation works for Psilocybe serbica and other mushroom species that grow late in the year. It involves the preparation, pasteurization, and sterilization of a grain spawn. This grain spawn is then inoculated into a substrate and once fully colonized, it’s transferred outdoors where fruiting can be expected within three weeks.

With this Psilocybe serbica cultivation method, patience is key.

When it comes to preparing substrates for Psilocybe serbica, it’s best to use wood chips because they are wood-loving mushrooms. Other wood-loving shrooms are Psilocybe cyanescens, Psilocybe azurescens, Psilocybe aeruginosa, and Psilocybe arcana.

The steps in this method assumes you already have a fully colonized substrate jar.

Sterilization of the Wood Chips as Psilocybe Serbica Substrate

Heat treatment is applied to this substrate to destroy unwanted organisms. For wood chips, the ideal temperature is 60 to 80 degrees Celsius applied for 90 minutes. Use dry heat such as in a pressure cooker.

Once you have your sterilized wood chips, you’ll need some straw, Rubbermaid bin or a large stock pot, and a pillow case.

You need to set up in an appropriate area. A remote location with plenty of shade is usually the best choice. Magic mushrooms will benefit from a small amount of light for a couple of hours a day. Stay away from pine trees because their soil usually contain unwanted, unhealthy acids.

Creating a Garden Patch for Psilocybe Serbica

  1. Place the substrate in a clean, plastic bin. Make sure you place this bin in an area which would prevent the sides from breaking.
  2. Moisten the straw in the container with heated water. Allow the temperature to cool down to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit which should take about 6 hours. The strain with a pillow case.
  3. Crumble a bottom layer of wood substrate and straw in your predetermined area. Add some vermiculite to fluff them up and keep them aerated. Make sure this bottom mat is flat and solid so they won’t have any uninvited contaminants.
  4. Apply your spawn on top of the layer you just placed.
  5. Sprinkle some more of the substrate to cover the spawn. This will be your casing later to protect the spawn from drying out and being contaminated.
  6. Keep it hydrated by sprinkling with cool water every day until harvest.

You can also increase the nitrogen by adding some horse manure. A layer of coconut can also be sprinkled on top like a casing layer. This is an additional step but it’s worth it knowing the pile will breathe well. Anaerobic fungi can contaminate and compete with your growing Psilocybe serbica so it’s best to keep the layers aerated and fluffy.

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