Psilocybe Mescaleroensis

Not much is known about Psilocybe mescaleroensis other than the details of its appearance and that it contains psilocybin and psilocin as its main hallucinogenic compounds. A close relative of the Psilocybe cyanescens, this mushroom was brought to scientific attention by Lee Walstad.

Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Strain Guide

A relatively new species, knowledge about the Psilocybe mescaleroensis is somewhat limited to its appearance and effects. Its cap is 2cm to 6cm across, convex with a small nipple-like protrusion at the center. The cap is also hygrophanous, which means it changes color based on its moisture levels. When moist, it’s sticky with a brownish-yellow hue which becomes pale when dry. Like its close relative, the Psilocybe cyanescens, the cap of P. mescaleroensis is wavy.

The gills underneath the cap is cream-colored when young but turns chocolate brown in older specimens. The white stipe, also known as the stem, is 5cm to 10cm long and 0.5 to 2 centimeters thick. This magic mushroom also produces dark, chocolate brown spores which dust the stipe and the base of the stem is riddled with rhizomorphic mycelium.

Like most psilocybin mushrooms, the Psilocybe mescaleroensis has a starchy odor and taste and the majority of the mushroom’s parts turn dark blue when handled.

Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Habitat

So far, Psilocybe mescaleroensis has only been seen in the Sierra Blanca range near Mescalero of New Mexico – hence its name – during summer and fall. This hallucinogenic mushroom grows in small clusters on dead grasses, grasslands, and savanna near the ponderosa pine woodlands.

Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Effects

The hallucinogenic mushroom Psilocybe mescaleroensis contains psilocybin and psilocin. This species and other magic mushrooms growing in Mexico have been used in religious rites for centuries and are still used today. In modern society, these psychedelic mushrooms are used medicinally, recreationally, scientifically, and spiritually.

Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Visual Effects

As a potent hallucinogenic, you can expect Psilocybe mescaleroensis to produce visual enhancements and distortions. Enhancements and distortions are two different groupings of visual effects produced by this magic mushroom.

Visual enhancements are more rooted in reality and are quite light compared to distortions. Saturation of colors, being more able to recognize patterns in everyday objects, and visual acuity are the visual enhancements produced by Psilocybe mescaleroensis.

The visual distortions produced by this magic mushroom include drifting or seeing static objects that appear to move, color shifting, visual haze, appearance of patterns, and hallucinations.
Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Physical Effects

Once psilocybin from magic mushroom starts to take over the body, you will notice its effects not just on your sense of vision but on the body as a whole. These are just some of the physical effects of tripping on Psilocybe mescaleroensis.

  • Body heaviness – This effect comes from the relaxation produced by the psilocybin mushrooms. This manifests as a sudden heaviness of the body that makes movement difficult particularly during the first half of the experience.
  • Sedation – Expect physical energy levels to be considerably reduced. Psilocybin is known to be relaxing, stoning, and mildly sedating. You’ll know sedations has hit when you start yawning uncontrollably.
  • Physical euphoria – Euphoria is more than just a feeling of happiness. It is an intense feeling of well-being, a sensation you can expect with magic mushrooms.
  • Enhancement of touch – This effect from magic mushrooms is less intense compared to other drugs such as LSD but it’s still quite prominent. This can only be described as an itch or tickle from the small hairs on the user’s arms and legs.
  • Spontaneous sensations – The “body high” from psilocybin results in an all-encompassing glow. This is a consistent presence that rises as the body absorbs more of the drug. Once the peak has been reached, expect euphoria or immobilization depending on the dose.
  • Changes in body form – Users will feel they are conjoined with a greater cause. This usually happens around the peak of the experience. Most people perceive comfort, and peacefulness.
  • Nausea – When shroomers ingest magic mushrooms on a full stomach, this results in nausea. It’s recommended to empty the stomach 3 to 4 hours before taking a magic mushroom orally to avoid its effects on the stomach.

Psilocybe Mescaleroensis Cognitive Effects

Magic mushrooms are physically relaxing but the effects on the thought processes are extremely different.

  • Enhancement of emotions – Emotions become more prominent and profound on magic mushrooms when compared to other psychedelics. This leads to strong feelings of compassion, and sympathy. On rare occasions and on lower doses, shroomers may become sociable.
  • Suppression of the brain’s language center – You will still be able to form coherent thoughts in your mind but you’re unable to verbalize these ideas. Basic words will start to feel unfamiliar and you become unable or unwilling to talk aloud. This effect is most common among inexperienced users.
  • Confusion and feelings of impending doom – In high doses in inexperienced users, magic mushroom users become anxious and terribly unable to focus. However, this can also be met with sensations of euphoria, catharsis, and rejuvenation depending on one’s state of mind.
  • Ego replacement – The breaking down of one’s ego has been credited as the reason why magic mushrooms can improve one’s personality and outlook. By removing one’s sense of identity and the restrictions on one’s thinking process, you will be more open to more ideas and be free of unhealthy, obsessive thinking. This is common in higher doses of the drug.
  • Personality regression – This is a rare effect but many trip sitters have observed shroomers’ personality to regress back to happier, more innocent times. This normalizes after the trip is over.
  • Rejuvenation – It can happen at any point but it typically follows a difficult phase of the experience. It is always felt at the end of a psilocybin experience and as one transitions back to being normal, this results to an afterglow.
  • Time distortion – Many shroomers have reported feeling as if hours have passed when in reality, only minutes have passed by. Because of this distortion in one’s sense of time, most shroomers feel as if a whole day has passed just by taking one dose of magic mushrooms.
  • Synesthesia – At high doses, magic mushrooms can temporarily change the brain’s wiring. This leads to a crossover of the hearing and visual nerve highways which causes shroomers to “see sounds” and to “hear colors.”

Now that you know what to expect when ingesting Psilocybe mescaleroensis, do you think you’re ready for a psychedelic adventure?

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