Psilocybe hollandia Quotes

Because it’s almost Queensday in Holland we share some Psilocybe hollandia quotes. The P. hollandia is our dutch friend during Queensday! Want to share your experience with this truffle? Please contact us!

C:  “We had a very pleasant time enjoyn truffle magic and making music in the nature and listen to the aliens ^_^”

Girl next door: “It was great! The only way i can explain is that the room danced with me and i got an incredible euphoric feeling. Next time i want to try a full portion!”

Jacob: “The Hollandia Truffles were quite simply amazing… i was always sceptical of truffles but these blew me away.”

Pete: “Great truffles best iv ever had! shared the bag between 2 friends had a great night, trufflemagic were super at delivery no bother getting it to the door! they are the most potent truffles i have had great with tea!”

Sharon: “Absolutely incredible – mindblowing visuals, incredible head high. Truly an awesome experience. Keep up the good work!”

Me and my friend: “The effect on me was very asome! i had to laugh al the time, just like my friend i did the truffels with. The gras had never been so beautifull and green as with this truffels. i felt warm inside and i loved my plants like their where familly.”

Fré: “I loved listening to music, I sank away into my chair with really deep (but nevertheless) thoughts about life. Whenever I looked at my lights in the room, it felt like I saw heaven. I was happy, quiet and felt warm all over my body.”

Hyung: “My body felt extremely relaxed and happy while music was only making the entire experience feel that much better. I saw visuals two to three hours into the trip and that was quite fun as well. A lot of objects for me felt cubic while also seeing vivid colors. I can’t really explain it, you just have to try it out yourself.”




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