Psilocybe hollandia


Since the ban of magicmushrooms, also called paddos, people started to use other drugs. From then, smartshops sell more and more magic truffles. Truffles are a sort of replacement for paddo’s. But they have different effects. There are a lote of different sorts of magic truffles. The Philosopher’s Stone, also called Psilocybe tampanensis is a well-known truffle. The Psilocybe hollandia is a stronger sort of truffle than the Philosopher’s Stone.

Psilocybe hollandia

Our magic truffles are all grown with the best possible care and attention. For years we’re trying to improve the quality of our products. Our costumers know what we’re talking about. All these years of cultivation have led to a completely new product in which all of our knowledge is combined: the Psilocybe hollandia. The unique thing about this new truffle is that it contains the most of psilocybe: the active substance of magic truffles. Besides a very strong experience there is another advantage: you can choose to take a smaller dose of the Hollandia and therefore can experience multiple trips with one portion.

Wisdom comes with the years, some people say. This is surely the case with the Psilocybe hollandia. In our farm we are constantly monitoring the progress and groth of out magic truffles. The active substance in all of our magic truffles is psilocybe. This substance is completely harmless for the health of the user. After consuming the substance it turns into psilocin. Psilocin subsequently affects different receptors in the brain. This results in the awesome effect magic truffles have on the user.

The special thing about the Psilocybe hollandia is that it contains just the right effect of active substance in order to experience the best effect. This truffle has been so carefully grown that it can be taken with absolutely no chance of harm to body and mind. The psilocin is out of the human system within a day and cannot be traced after that. This is due to the natural character of the substance. The Psylocibe Hollandia is only available in out webshop. Don’t let anybody fool you by telling they also have this unique magic truffle. Although all of our other breeds of magic truffles are all of the best quality, this Psilocybe Hollandia is the best around! Try them and you’ll be positively surprised.

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  1. M. S. Halawi 30th September 2013 at 23:19 #

    I didn’t know where to post my thank you. You guys are truly the real deal. Prompt delivery to the U.S (less than two weeks), high (I mean HIGH) quality produce, worth every cent.

    Throughout the journey of life, it is a constant struggle to find people that share the same ideals that I do. That is, kindness, integrity, honor, positivity, and altruism in business and in society. This delivery (my first ever order) from TRUFFLEMAGIC showed me the type of people that make up this company. I am glad to call the decent people at TRUFFLEMAGIC my friends.

    Thank you again for my wonderful order of Psilocybe Hollandia, it is my first order but will not be my last, not by a long shot.

    P.S. (to TRUFFLEMAGIC) If you guys ever visit the states and need a place to stay, “Mi Casa Su Casa”… You’ve got my address!

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