Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa

Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa

Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa is one of the hundreds of magic mushrooms species that cause hallucinations. It’s called by other names such as Rhododendron Psilocybe and Blue-Haired Psilocybe. Relatively uncommon compared to other varieties like P. cubensis and P. mexicana, it was first discovered in 1980 in the Pacific Northwest and is closely related to the Psilocybe subfimetaria.

Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa Identification

The cap of Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa is 1.4cm to 3.5cm across which starts out conic to convex when young but becomes more flat as it matures. Unlike most magic mushrooms, it doesn’t have a small, nipple-like structure at the center. The cap is also hygrophanous, which means it changes its hue based on its moisture levels. When moist, it’s a deep chestnut brown but fades to yellowish brown or grayish white when dry.

  1. cyanofibrillosa’s stem can be as short as 3cm or as long as 8cm and is usually half a centimeter thick. It usually enlarges near the base. The flesh of this stem is brownish with white rhizomorphs towards the base.

Under the cap, P. cyanofibrillosa has light grayish to purplish brown gills with white edges. This magic mushroom produces purplish brown spores. All parts of this mushrooms bruise bluish to indigo black when handled or injured.

Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa Habitat

The ideal time for hunting Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa is from September to December. The cooler temperatures provide the P. cyanofibrillosa with the right environment to develop its fruiting bodies.

  1. cyanofibrillosa grows scattered in small clumps in Northern California in the US and in British Columbia in Canada. You’ll have a higher chance off spotting this elusive magic mushrooms species in woods where trees or shrubs lose their leaves seasonally. They favor growing on the debris of Alder and Willow wood chips and bark mulch, Fir sawdust, deciduous wood debris, and bush lupines. They can also be seen in the coastal regions where they thrive in rhododendron gardens and nurseries, and in flood plains and in river estuaries.

Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa Dosage and Potency


cyanofibrillosa | Image powered by shroomery

When it comes to its psilocybin and psilocin content, P. cyanofibrillosa only has a combined 0.05mg of psychoactive substances per gram dry weight. This makes the Blue-Haired Psilocybe a mildly active hallucinogenic. 1 dose would be equivalent to 1 large specimen or 2 to 5 small specimens.

Tripping on Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa

Because of its lower indole (particularly psilocybin) content, tripping on a small dose of P. cyanofibrillosa may be ideal for beginners. Unless taken in large quantities, you can expect a Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa trip to last up to six hours and have effects similar to ingesting a light dose of P. cubensis.

Tripping on Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa starts out with a tingling body sensation, lightness, and euphoria. Colors will become more vivid, sounds will feel richer, and you may feel giddier. P. cubensis loosens the restraints you put on yourself.

Without these filters, you start to become more open to new ideas, alternative thought processes, and you become more aware of things which are usually filtered by your brain. You sense more, and you think more. This brings with it a boost in creativity.

At its peak, P. cyanofibrillosa creates strong visual effects including curved or warped patterns. Objects that used to be familiar will appear strange as inconsequential surface details become more obvious. Memories in deep storage also become accessible so be prepared to face any negative issues or memories you may have suppressed.

Mood swings may take place but it’s been observed that music is a powerful tool which can be harnessed to affect mood. And finally, your sense of time will be lost.

Even after six hours, you may experience some aftereffects such as emotional sensitivity or slight alterations in senses but there’s nothing like a full night’s rest to get rid of these residual effects.

  1. cyanofibrillosa is also ideal for micro-dosing because of its lower psilocybin content. Micro-dosing is a practice wherein small, barely-perceptible doses (around 0.2g) of dried magic mushrooms are ingested to boost performance and creativity without experiencing the mind-altering effects.

Drying Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa

This magic mushroom is not as common as the popular Psilocybe cubensis or the truffle-producing Psilocybe mexicana. That’s why when you do manage to get your hands on these semi-elusive mushrooms, it is understandable why you would want to preserve them for future use.

The best way to preserve Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa is by drying them. When done correctly, P. cyanofibrillosa can last for years without potency change. However, P. cyanofibrillosa is known to lose approximately 70% of its potency when heated so applying direct heat will ruin your future trips. Luckily, a simple method for drying Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa without heat exists.

Phase 1: Pre-Drying Mushrooms

Put your fresh P. cyanofibrillosa on a plate. Cover them with a black cloth and place the place in a sunny window. If the sun isn’t out, simply use a fan to air dry your magic mushrooms. In a couple of hours, the P. cyanofibrillosa will be dry, shriveled, and rubbery. They will last for several weeks at this point.

Phase 2: Cracker-Dry Mushrooms

Instead of heating the mushrooms to get all the moisture out, a better approach is to use a desiccant, a moisture absorber. Silica gel is one of the preferred desiccants when drying magic mushrooms. They’re effective and don’t leave any funny odors or

Place the silica gel in the bottom of a wide container. Place a screen above the silica and cover with pre-dried P. cyanofibrillosa. The screen will keep the mushrooms away from the silica. Close the lid and check the container every day until the mushrooms break when you try to bend them, a condition known as “

If you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest or in areas where P. cyanofibrillosa and other magic mushrooms grow, you may have to face the reality you won’t encounter psychedelic mushrooms in the wild. No matter how many deciduous forests you comb through, picking psilocybin mushrooms are pretty slim if conditions aren’t

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