Psilocybe Atlantis

Psilocybe Atlantis

Psilocybe atlantis is a rare, psychedelic mushroom that has only been recorded in the USA. Despite its rareness in the wild, magic mushrooms growers were able to cultivate Psilocybe atlantis for its psychedelic properties. Those who were able to get their hands on a Psilocybe atlantis spore print learn that it is one of the easiest and highest-yielding magic mushroom species on earth!

Psilocybe Atlantis Description | Image powered by wikimedia

Among its physical features are its cap which ranges from 2.5-4cm in diameter with a conic to convex shape. Sometimes, it has a small umbo or a raised head in the center of the mushroom cap. The surface of this fungus is pale brown to reddish brown in color, and easily bruises blue wherever it gets handled.

The stem, more formally known as the stipe, has an average length of 5cm. It has an equal structure and is brownish with small, brown scales that become more numerous towards the base. When handled or damaged, the stipe also bruises blue.

Psilocybe Atlantis Habitat

Psilocybe atlantis habitat

Psilocybe atlantis habitat | Image powered by wikimedia

Psilocybe atlantis is extremely hard to find and has only been found in grassy lawns and in vacant yards in Fulton County, Georgia, USA. The original find was made in the United States where the species was seen growing in a patch of moss beside a 5-year old home whose lot bordered a wooded area within 50 meters of a tributary of the Chattahoochee River. It has also been seen in forested areas in Central Arkansas where cows and sheep graze.

Psilocybe Atlantis Dosage and Effects


psilocybe-atlantis | Image powered by zamnesia

The P. atlantis is among the strongest species of magic mushrooms. Like all magic mushrooms, this species is safe, and poses no danger of overdose or developing addiciton. The easiest and most practical way to consume them is to simply eat them. Consuming P. atlantis will produce the best effects when taken in calm, comfortable surroundings to eliminate the possibility of a bad trip.

The effects of P. atlantis comes from the psychoactive substance psilocybin. How psilocybin will affect the body is highly dependent on the dosage.

A threshold dose is between 1 to 3 grams of fresh P. atlantis. This threshold dose won’t have a huge effect on the body but you will still feel light effects such as feeling cold and clammy, and seeing more saturated colors.

Between 3-5 grams of fresh P. atlantis is considered a light dose. This dosage creates mild symptoms such as the appearance of colors, peripheral hallucination, and fleeting distortions. At this dosage, even your thought processes will change.

5-10 grams is a common dose of fresh P. atlantis. The hallucinations at this dosage are much more intense. Some users even report seeing patterns even when their eyes are closed. Synesthesia, also known as the crossover of senses, occurs after taking this dose. One also tends to become moody so it’s important to engage in activities which can help maintain a positive outlook.

And finally, any dosage higher than 10g of fresh P. atlantis is considered a strong dose. This creates intense visuals and others report seeing or conversing with divine beings which lead to intense spiritual awareness. Your sense of time will also be altered to the point where you think hours have passed when only minutes went by.

The effects of P. atlantis set in within an hour of taking them, peak in 2 hours, and last for 4-6 hours.

Psilocybe Atlantis Cultivation

cultivation de atlantis

cultivation de atlantis | Image powered by mycotopia

Psilocybe atlantis magic mushrooms are among the safest, easiest, and highest-yielding magic mushrooms you can grow. Luckily, online shops such as Truffle Magic sell magic truffle grow kits for the Psilocybe atlantis strain!

To grow your own P. atlantis truffles, you can simply follow the instruction from the grow kits. Truffle Magic’s grow kits are easy to use and are guaranteed to yield around 50-80g of P. atlantis truffles. The instructions on a standard Truffle Magic grow kit are:

  1. Remove the lid of the inner (transparent) box and keep it open like this for three day.
  2. After three days, put the truffle (inner box) contents into the lid of the outer box.
  3. Use the holes of the outer box as a strainer, running tap water through it. Rinse it off with cold water until only truffles are left inside the lid. Shake the lid a little while doing so.
  4. If you aren’t going to eat the truffles now, keep them in the fridge. They stay fresh for at least two weeks.

For any other standard grow kit, remember that the first thing to do is to wash your hands before touching the grow kit to prevent contamination. You also need to place the kit in a good environment. Magic truffles and magic mushrooms grow best in a moist environment so think about in which part of the house your kit will have the highest chance of success. Never place the grow kit in direct sunlight. It’s best to place them in an area where there isn’t too much light. Room temperature is fine.

Because of the rarity of Psilocybe atlantis, it may be difficult to get your hands on a mushroom cap to create a spore print. This is why the best option is to buy Psilocybe atlantis online from magic truffle shops such as Truffle Magic.

Psilocybe Atlantis Legality in the USA


USA | Image powered by pixabay

If you are in the United States and you’re wondering whether you can order magic mushrooms online, you have to understand that the sale, transport, and picking of psilocybin-containing mushrooms and truffles such as the Psilocybe atlantis is illegal in the United States.

However, the spores themselves do not contain psilocybin. In the country (except for the states of Georgia, Idaho, and California), it is not illegal to buy and sell the spores. Therefore, you can still order magic mushroom grow kits online!

What else is stopping you? Order Psilocybe atlantis today and experience a psychedelic journey like none other!

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