3X Psilocybe Utopia – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Strength: Very strong, only second to our Hollandia
Effect: Great visuals, philosophical thoughts, wonderful body high
Content: 3 vacuum sealed bags containing 15 gram truffles each


3.94 out of 5 based on 16 customer ratings
Based on 16 reviews
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The Psilocybe Utopia is one of our showpieces. It takes you to a magical world where you will see just as much with your eyes closed as with your eyes open. One moment plays out in slow motion and the next moment in fast forward. You will see colours, lights and patterns which you cannot […]

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Fresh Guarantee

We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

The Psilocybe Utopia is one of our showpieces. It takes you to a magical world where you will see just as much with your eyes closed as with your eyes open. One moment plays out in slow motion and the next moment in fast forward. You will see colours, lights and patterns which you cannot see normally. A must for everyone who likes to trip.

The Psilocybe Utopia is a variant of the Psilocybe Atlantis and has been cultivated so it can grow for much longer. Normally magic truffles are ripe for harvest after 4 to 6 months. However, the Utopia can get up to 9 months. This way it also produces a lot more psilocybin than the other species. Only the Psilocybe Hollandia comes close to that, but that has a different effect entirely.

Because the Psilocybe Utopia is a very strong species, beginners should be careful with the dosage. Half a portion of 7.5 g suffices in that case. Experiences users can take a whole portion. Amazing visuals, philosophical thoughts and a pleasant body high are guaranteed.

This Utopia gives you a trip you will never forget and will want to share with everyone. Because the trip is very clear and intense you experience everything with a great deal of awareness. Recommended for everyone!

If you’re still a bit unsure about tripping, be sure to read our trip guides.

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16 reviews for 3X Psilocybe Utopia – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

  1. Christopher Duke (verified owner)

    It took quite a while to be delivered, so I’m guessing they got too hot because I took one full pack well over an hour ago and have gotten nothing. Maybe a slight relaxation, but that’s it. Bummer.

  2. Kelcy Monday (verified owner)

    Please make sure to be aware that they offer no protection against shipments that don’t arrive. Mine never arrived and they offered nothing but ‘sorry for your luck’. Money wasted.

  3. ciaranjcgallagher (verified owner)

    Fantastic trip off these and only took 4-5 days to land,

  4. maurimarcel7 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and perfect packaging. We took the whole dose and have a very visual and happy trip. You are the best! We sure order it again

  5. strain (verified owner)

    First order did not arrive but this was honoured and a second was shipped. I monched 15g with a friend in the comfort and seclusion of his flat. We found a 10 hour playlist with nice visuals on the TV such as videos from the ISS. We combined with some weed and after an hour or so, we felt the effects, nice optical illusions and I felt a sort of out of body experience going down very deep thought paths. Unfortunately I have a very bad gag reflex and I only just managed to keep the truffles down, as I felt like I was eating an old dictionary someone had dug up in the woods. I therefore conceded my friend could finish the other 15g packet which he combined with a little slaw and mustard which he said was even worse and that it tasted like stale discarded almonds. I continued to enjoy a few spliffs and my friend said all of his senses were heightened greatly. At one point he said he could taste sounds and smell his eyes.

    Recommended product, I just wish I could get them into my stomach without them passing my mouth first.

  6. slyquk (verified owner)

    To the UK this took 5 days to arrive all fresh and sealed well and very discretely packed.

    The experience itself was indescribable and I honestly believe that it will change my life. I wasn’t without some trepidation but my housemates and I all beginners had a throughly enjoyable and profound trip.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. I will definitely be a repeat customer. If you’re reading this what are you waiting for. Do it! You’ll be glad you did.

    • Peter de Boer

      Thank you for the nice words! It’s appreciated!

  7. mendref (verified owner)

    Unfortunately it didn’t worked for us, we had a little bit of dizzinnes but that’s it.

  8. Steen

    Okay so i will give 5 stars due to that recived my Hollandia and Utopia and there was maybe a few gram more than 15g in each packet. I was about to give less starts, buy then i realized that i mistakenly had not see the reply, because i contacted trufflemagic a few times, i wrote up to 3 times asking if my order went though and when it would come, and eventually i thought it was scam. I waited about 13 days before it came and it was nice they actually just came.

    I ordered both the 3x Hollandia and Utopia, and i had hard times telling which one was what, i could see that there was 2 kind ofcouse, but i would not know what was what.
    They are chopped or are smaller than the pictures shown in this site.

    Okay, so i tried around 11g of whatever i took with a cup of tea, chopped them up and mixed it up with Gingseng tea (Which should be plesant to take with truffles) with abit of honey. I felt something maybe 20-25 min. after taking it, some kind of spinning dizzyness or a feeling of being high came, which would move everything softly when was looking at for example the wall, it would move like a wave. It was quite funny to stand up.

    But later on, maybe an hour later i felt uncomftable in my stomatch and bit dizzy, not mentally but more like i was bloated or uncomftable and a little of headace. Which was annoying. It was maybe due to the fact that i ate alot food a few hours before taking the truffles and maybe because i was tired, so it was annoying that i felt like that. I ate at 9.30 pm and took truffles at 2 am.
    I was with my gf and she was tired aswell so she just fell asleep at the bed while i was on it trying to figure out and feel what the truffles did to me. Well not too much, so i decided to smoke some weed, which made me abit high, maybe improved my uncomftable feeling alittle, but not so much. So at night maybe at 6 am i went to sleep.

    I did’nt see or hallicunate, the most visual was just things waveing and me having a bad balance.

    Looking forward to try it again once im not tired and slept well, and didnt eat much to see if that would help. It was my first time btw, and i took 1,5g cubinsis mushrooms the day after (Which i do not recommend taking day after, couse u usually have to wait a few days or more before taking psycadelics again, to feel the full effect) and it hit me way harder, took it in ginseng tea again and after 25-30 min after drinking it, it begang to slowly move in to me, and it was alot more powerful and funny at this point, maybe 1-1.5 hours from drinking it, it begang to hit its peak and was funny and i was so happy and smiling all the time. Maybe also due to that fact i was wiith my gf and my friend and we were having a good time. I also smoked alot of weed, at the beginning of the peak and just kept smoking, so i got high as fuk, while totally on mushrooms, it was the funniest trip i had with mushrooms. And i hope i will have it as fun with truffles next time i take it.

    1. Take it on empty stomach, or eat very light food. When you are full, it’s uncomftable in the stomach. Even when i craved after food while on mushrooms, when i began to eat, it was a fantastic experience, but when i ate enough, i began to feel bloated again and didnt want to eat anymore.
    2. If you hate the taste, take it with some tea, but do not boil it. Chop it up and eat the mushrooms/truffles while drinking.
    3. Be around people you have a deeper and open emotional connection with, so you dont have to think about and be careful about what you do. Be around people who wont judge you and people who dont make you do stupid things while you are on shrooms. And as long as you have faith that it is gonna be a good trip, then its gonna be one.
    4. Dont overthink everything, it makes you andrenaline alot and might scare you alittle because you dont know the outcome. Just enjoy the trip and everthing that happens.

  9. David

    I orderd these on the 5th of march and just got the yesterday on the 24th, i didnt expect to get them because it was taking a while and i was worried about customs. Got here to the u.s without any problem. Would recomend. Will try them today.

  10. barry

    Amazing fast delivery and fantastic products. Very visual and everything looks beautiful thank you truffle magic 🙂

  11. barry

    Amazing fast delivery and fantastic products. Very visual and everything looks beautiful thank you truffle magic 🙂

  12. rory (verified owner)

    I’ve tried Hollandia and Atlantis from this site – Utopia stands its ground. Euphoric and great visuals. My wife and I had a great time, thank you!

  13. Ricky (verified owner)

    Peter was super helpful and made it easy to choose and ship. It took less than a week and everything was as advertised. Thanks So much for making this happen.

  14. Russ

    The Psilocybe Utopia was the best purchase I have ever made! I would purchase over, and over again!
    Thank you TruffleMagic, you just made my day! :))

  15. Garth

    Every time I ate some Psilocybe Utopia, I ate about 5 grams, the buzz was intense , colors were intense and I was very philosophical in my thoughts, it is very introspective. I wish i could have taken a full bag to myself but I was physically unable to as my body wouldn’t let me so every trip was a mild one. If I could of chewed a full bag too myself I’m sure I would have been out of it as I was barely keeping it together being able to talk , my girlfriend didn’t get much out of it because she didn’t chew which is necessary.

    I will definitely be buying the Hollandia instead as I hear they taste better. Very fast delivery and good service.

  16. Sid (verified owner)

    Firstly one positive was that I received more then ordered.
    Although was a good trip having 12g each it was surprisingly mild, going to try Hollandia next time with a higher dosage.

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