Psilocybe Tampanensis

Strength: Somewhat strong, beginners be careful
Effect: You can go deep and lose sense of time and space
Content: 1 vacuum sealed bag containing 15 gram truffles


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The Psilocybe Tampanensis is also called The Philosopher’s Stone or Mushrocks. It will not surprise you that the Tampanensis or Philosopher’s Stone will give you a deep trip. Deep thoughts and very pleasant insights will be the result. You will be amazed by the impressive visuals you will experience. Especially with your eyes closed the […]

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The Psilocybe Tampanensis is also called The Philosopher’s Stone or Mushrocks. It will not surprise you that the Tampanensis or Philosopher’s Stone will give you a deep trip. Deep thoughts and very pleasant insights will be the result.

You will be amazed by the impressive visuals you will experience. Especially with your eyes closed the visuals are very impressive. Try it and feel like a real philosopher! You will not be disappointed!

The Tampanensis was fist found in nature in 1977. Dr Steven Pollock discovered this magic truffle in Tamp, Florida. Hence the name Psilocybe Tampanensis. Some time later, around 1978, the mycologist Paul Stamets found a way to cultivate the Tampanensis. The first Philosopher’s Stone was born. In the Netherlands the Philosopher’s Stone is also called ‘tripknol’ or ‘triptruffel’, in addition to Tampanensis.

This species of magic truffles is somewhat strong so beginning users should be very careful with their dosage. You can really go very deep with this truffle and completely lose sight of your sense of time and space. Complete silence or the rustle of trees or the sea can be very pleasant during a trip on Tampanensis. Experienced users can take a whole portion, beginners are best off taking half.

If you’re still a bit unsure about tripping, be sure to read our trip guides.

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15 reviews for Psilocybe Tampanensis

  1. kelly.holleron (verified owner)

    I would recommend this website. The first time I ordered, customs kept my package and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Truffle Magic were happy to refund me.
    I have since ordered again and received my truffles. I tried Philosophers Stones as a complete beginner. I ate half a pack and felt very subtle effects- giddy, my phone looked odd, I was relaxed. A little disappointed as I was nauseous and expected more effects.
    I did the same again another day after eating less food and felt more effects: very physically and mentally relaxed. I sat outdoors and listened to music. Closed eye visuals.
    The 3rd time I ate more (10g) and had a lovely time. I felt relaxed and happy and was capable of going for a walk in nature. I was giddy and chatted to family.
    I started small so now I know I could eat a full pack 15g or I will try a stronger truffle. The only drawback is the taste and some short lived nausea so I hide my truffles in a peanut butter sandwich so I can mask the taste!
    My brother had the same effects but he also gets fits of laughter, probably because he combined truffles with smoking weed.
    Happy Tripping All!

  2. wiezimag (verified owner)

    This one was such an odd experience. Absolutely amazing for some time, full of bliss and wonder. The peak was a little rough, felt lightheaded once, it was challenging to sit up. I felt cold and sleepy when coming down – even while visuals were still there, all I wanted was a nap under 5 blankets. After most of the effects had worn off, I was feeling good again, I’ve done different truffles twice before and they didn’t make me feel like this so that was weird.
    You never really know how it turns out, can’t honestly blame the product (it worked).

  3. tinytiny_3232 (verified owner)

    Good for beginners. I had a great time on half the bag. I can highly suggest taking on an empty stomach.

  4. Kryssegotesticie

    After trying the Hollandia…wanted to give Tampanensis a try. Package came after 4 weeks…twice the time as the first which had me worried at first. Yeah, the taste is not the best…but in five minutes they are gone. Had a great 3-4 hour trip from the 15g. Def worth it.

  5. canadaspirit

    Well this was my first experience and it was a good one! I only wish the giggles, wonder, and awe lasted longer so I give it a 4/5. I ate about 2/3s of it at once. After the first hour, I ate the rest. I didn’t experience any nausea and felt real goofy for about 3 hours. The visuals were all right, and overall, I’d say it was a good and easy experience. I would recommend it to other curious beginners. Also, it took about 2 weeks to deliver to the USA, which is okay IMO. I will be trying the Hollandia next.

  6. Peter de Boer

    Yes, definately do not eat beforehand! A big dinner is a sure way to kill the magic effects…

  7. Felipe


    My friend and I took half a dosage last night, roughly 7.5gm each as we wanted to just test the waters. I want it to be noted that we had a massive dinner prior. We felt barely anything???

    Can eating really drown out the effect?? I feel that even on an empty stomach and taking the whole dosage (15gm) that it would not of had a significant effect.

  8. Peter de Boer


    More information about specific shipping times can be found on the page below:

  9. Ami

    How long does the shipping take?

  10. Bob (verified owner)

    Shared one serving of tampanensis with a friend, very nice. Powerful wholesome feeling, very positive vibes and mild visuals definitely recommend.

  11. Kyle

    Done these in amsterdam and was told it’s like ecxtacy and it 100% was! I went out to a floating warehouse party and was best night of my life hands down, no real tripping as hallucinations but was an amazing feeling would do again! If you at any stage feel skitzy or paranoid or like it’s not going to go well relax have a glass of orange juice and your trip will be sorted!

  12. Zena

    My experience with these truffles is just…wow! Both me and my boyfriend ate the whole pack of it in the forest and then we walked to find a nice place to sit down. Suddenly after 30 minutes we could feel our muscles relax one by one until we just randomly lied down on the ground. Our senses sharpened, colours were really bright and powerful visuals were escalating 1 hour after consumption. With eyes closed I could see beautiful colours, complex and vivid images, symbols, patterns accompanied by freaky music and thoughts, which were clear and developing according to my “need”. Sometimes I could control it, sometimes I just kinda lost my train of thought and let it flow. After the amount we took, out of body experience is definitely possible…But the most wonderful thing is to share all this with somebody you really love! Take your time to create perfect setting for this kind of experience. It’s important to be content with yourself, because truffles are intense way of confronting oneself…be careful…and enjoy. I highly recommend.

  13. Jorge

    First of all sorry for my English, I’m Spanish. I must inform you that I am quite happy with your truffles, expected to be more loose but are really powerful. The trip was really well, I was with my friends in a house in the countryside because we were going to eat 6 portions for 8 people. The girls ate the softer: Mexicana and Pajaritos. The boys ate the strongest: Hollandia (Wow!), Atlantis and Tampanensis.

    For almost all people the experience was as followed: initially they started small visual effects and an uncontrollable laughter, then intensified visual effects, things changed color and shape. The faces of my friends had waves and changed color. A painting in which there was a woman, became a painting with a man! Personally, I lost track of time and I didn’t know what time or day it was, it was like being in a dream in 3D hahaha!!! Lasted some 4 or 5 hours, was going down slowly and the best part is that after the trip you are very well!

    On the other hand, I am also very happy with your service, you are really fast and discrete.

    In the coming weeks we will send another order, me and my friends have been very pleased.

    Great experience!

  14. Marie

    Ordered the Psilocybe tampanensis. Shipping was fast, just received it today in the mail. Ate all of it on an empty stomach, onset came on after 30 mins, I was laughing non stop & music sounded better. After about an hour I started seeing open & closed visuals, pupils definitely dilated. Will be ordering again very soon.

  15. daltonix

    A great trip between this and the second world, is good to have someone with you . Highly recommended Best Mushrooms ever!

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