Psilocybe Mexicana

Strength: Low/Medium, ideal to take with friends
Effect: Light euphoric sensation, a joyous heart and sharpened perception
Content: 1 vacuum sealed bag containing 15 gram truffles


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The Psilocybe Mexicana is one of the most famous and most popular magic truffle species in existence. The native people of South America have been using the Psilocybe Mexicana in spiritual rituals for thousands of years. It comes with a very pleasant and warm trip which will not be forgotten quickly. This species is perfect […]

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The Psilocybe Mexicana is one of the most famous and most popular magic truffle species in existence. The native people of South America have been using the Psilocybe Mexicana in spiritual rituals for thousands of years. It comes with a very pleasant and warm trip which will not be forgotten quickly. This species is perfect for beginners because it is not very strong.

The Psilocybe Mexicana was discovered in 1958 by the American mycologist Robert Watson. By that I mean that from that moment on people from the Western world started to experiment with it. Because the Mayans, Aztecs and all kinds of other population groups from Middle and South America have been using this mushroom for thousands of years and called it ‘flesh of the gods’ because of its powerful effect.

The Psilocybe Mexicana has been the subject of many studies. A beautiful quote from psychologist Timothy Leary, specialised in psychedelic drugs, after the use of Psilocybe Mexicana: “In four hours I learned more about the mind, the brain and its structures than I did in the preceding 15 years as a diligent psychologist”.

I am sure that you will also experience something very special after the use of these truffles. It is the mildest species from our assortment, but it should not be underestimated. The most important effects of the Psilocybe Mexicana are a light euphoric sensation, a joyous heart and sharpened perception. Ideal to take with friends, because the trip is not so intense.

If you’re still a bit unsure about tripping, be sure to read our trip guides.

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14 reviews for Psilocybe Mexicana

  1. Eric Hubert (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my end to end experience with Truffle Magic. The team was responsive online, my order showed up within a week of receiving payment and all of the resources online were very helpful to prepare me for my first trip. I will order from Truffle Magic again without any hesitation.

    In case any other first timers are interested, I’ve left a few trip notes below:

    Set: I wanted to use this experience less for fun and more for personal growth. I set my intentions on being kinder, more open, less egotistical and more curious. I did some breathwork and meditation before starting.

    Setting: At home, on the couch in a clean space. Right near the window. Many plants around. Blanket nearby. Sitter present in the apartment. Headphones and playlists ready and charged.

    Dose: Took about 8g of cut up Mexicana by pouring hot water over the dose and eating them with a spoon. I drank the remaining tea on an empty stomach.

    Experience: As stated by Truffle Magic, it gradually took effect within about 30 minutes. I spent some time watching clouds go by, listening to a youtube tripping playlist, felt social and talked to my partner for a while and had about 3 sequences of lying down with my eyes closed when I went deep into thought. My body felt heavy and slipping into these thought streams felt easy. Overall, my hallucinations were minimal with the small dose but everything was painted in a very warm orange & yellow glow. All of my thoughts and memories had this rustic and vintage home video quality to it and was very cinematic. It felt like summer on the California coast. I also spent a lot of time thinking about family with a new type of empathy and love for them. I went back to my childhood a lot and felt like my inner child was being comforted and hugged. I live on the other side of the world from my family so this felt really nice. Looking at art was interesting as I noticed things I had never seen before and I also had some unexpected moments of giggly laughter when I thought that I was being otherwise serene & introspective. Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much. With a light dose, the effects started to wear off on the early end for me about 4 hours after. Now that I’ve gotten a feel for the truffle experience, I will probably try a stronger dose (10-15g) or strain (Philosopher’s Stone) on the next journey.

    Within the past 24 hours, I feel the afterglow of the experience. I feel more open, more tolerant and like a little weight has been lifted off of me. I remember my thoughts and feelings and hope that they stay with me for some time. My relationship with my partner feels stronger and I generally feel happier.

    Thanks for a great experience.

  2. athina.cooper (verified owner)

    Great experience with payment, ordering and shipping – with lots of communication. They arrived after exactly 5 working days which is great considering the current coronavirus situation as I expected some delay.

    The product was high quality and vacuum sealed. I consumed only 7.5g and had a brilliant 3/4 hour long trip.

    Will definitely order again in the future, thank you!

  3. natalie.preger (verified owner)

    Ordered on the 27th of Dec and they arrived on the 7th of Jan which is understandable because it was the holiday season. It was my first time trying truffles last night. I had gone out the night before i took them (not the best move because i was tired etc) i chewed them around 20:15 and in 20mins they were kicking in. I cant lie it was a rollercoatser ride, truffles have a mind of their own you really ever know what to expect. But overall it was quite a beneficial trip (although nothing makes sense anymore?). Today im going to spend the day resting and processing the trip. Thank you for making this possible for me❤️

  4. ry.guy47 (verified owner)

    **Based off my experience** This Mexicana strain has an accurate strength, description, and dose calculation according to this website. Take the full 15 as the “Trip Guide” mentions and you will be in for “normal trip” or “level 3” based off my body and experience. I was very skeptical considering some people said they felt nothing especially after my product was traveling for two weeks although I followed a proper eating schedule the day of and everything worked out just fine with a little help from some marijuana. The trip began with laughing and I was not overwhelmed although later I got a good amount of visuals open eyed and a crazy amount of thoughts and slightly stronger visuals with my eyes closed. As the ACCURATE description mentions, this is more of strain for socializing or taking your brain beyond its “normal” thoughts and exploring yourself a little more. I cannot complain as everything mentioned was accurate and product created a good time.

  5. djmuirhead (verified owner)

    Wonderful product not too strong. Perfect for beginners.

  6. brydon.murray (verified owner)

    15 mg, came on fast, intensity was was strong for both body fry and visuals, the bulk of the intensity lasted about 2 hours solid, visuals were prominent through to the end.
    (Graph Fixed)
    –TFB |………/——-\____……………………………………………….
    sober |/_________________________________\_
    ——————————– Time ———————————->

  7. brydon.murray (verified owner)

    15 mg, came on fast, intensity was was strong for both body fry and visuals, the bulk of the intensity lasted about 2 hours solid, visuals were prominent through to the end.
    8pm 9 10 11 12 1 2am
    TFB | /——-\____
    | / \_____
    | / \____
    | _/ \________
    sober |/_________________________________\_

    To start, I would like to say how impressed I am with the speed of delivery. I placed my order on Sept. 27th, and the product arrived Oct. 7th. I used BTC to pay (which is the longest part of the process as it took 9 days for the funds to become sendable). I ordered two 15 mg bags of the Mexicana, one of the Tampanensis, and one of the Hollandia so as to get a feel for the “weakest” (the Mexicana) and the “strongest” (the Hollandia). My girlfriend and I each ate one 15 mg bag of the Mexicana. This was not my first time consuming psychedelic fungi by a long shot. However, this was my girlfriend’s first time. She handled the experience overall fairly well… about as good as anyone can handle a shroom trip for their first time. Also we’ve been together for about 2 1/2 years. If you’re going to do it with a significant other IMO it’s good to have spent some time with them before you do it so as to avoid any awkwardness that may arise out of lack of knowing one another very well which could lead to a bad trip.

    I write this review 10 hours after consuming said dose. I started at 8 pm PST and the fully noticeable effects wore off about… well I’m not entirely sure if they’re completely gone yet, e.g., I still have a “mushroom haze” when I go lie down to sleep however what effects remain if any are on the microdosage level of my awareness.

    I am 32 years old. I am a 5′ 11″ male, about 180 lbs with 15-20% body fat. I ate only one meal around 1 pm before consuming my 15 mg dose at 8 pm. We chose to consume our doses in a hybrid sort of method from ideas presented in the trip guide: we cut the truffles up into small pieces and squeezed half of a lemon over top of them and let it sit for 5-10 minutes stirring ever so often. Next we heated up water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit (electric tea kettles have superb accuracy) and poured the water into our cups (about 1/2 full) with the magic truffle bits and lemon juice and let it sit for another 5-10 minutes; we also added a bit of honey as well. Next we ate the spoonfuls of the truffle bits chewing as much as possible along the way and downed the rest of the now truffle honey lemon tea. It wasn’t tasty by any means.

    With Spirited Away, our movie of choice, ready and waiting we relaxed on the couch and began our journeys. I noticed reality beginning to change maybe 10-15 minutes into the experience. By 30 minutes I was pretty much full blown tripping or well on my way to it. For anyone familiar with Spirited Away, we made it to the first boiler room scene with Chihiro, Kamaji, and the Soot Sprites before we had to pause the movie because the visuals and body fry we were experiencing pretty much took over. Up to this point my girlfriend and I had moderate stomach aches… definitely would’ve barfed if I’d been jostled or uncomfortable, but I pushed through (as did she) until the ache was gone.

    By 9 pm PST we were Tripping. Fucking. Balls. I think I was peaking or close to it. My stomach was pretty much good. By now we’d put on some music, Blackmill, and were just chillin, enjoying the ride. With my eyes open it was like reality had turned virtual. Like legit it felt like I was wearing a VR rig. Maybe it’s because I’d been gaming on one a few hours before dosing. Maybe it’s because we were chillin with only a blacklight on. Who knows. When I closed my eyes I was in a completely different world full of colorful fractals that went to the music and moved when I moved. I couldn’t not close my eyes. It was gorgeous and the body fry that went with it was intense.

    One thing I always forget about (for me at least) are the all consuming yawns I experience as I’m coming up. Yawns that feel like they’re going to tear open my face and swallow my soul… but in a good way. The other part is the “breathing” of the experience itself. Like it comes in waves at first, but it’s like there’s this other worldly breathing like the trip itself is alive. Stretching also feels amazing!

    10 pm PST. We decided to go for a short walk. The moon was out and it was overcast. With the clouds being layered and textured over the moon it looked like a giant was giving us a light show with just one finger by pointing it at us. It was so crazy looking! At some point during the walk I began to notice a sensation of coming down slightly. Not sure if it was due to the cold (~40 F) or just the personality of the strain. By the time we got back inside I could definitely tell that the most intense part of the trip was over.

    11 pm PST. I’m still trippin but am now on the tail end of the journey. At this point I’m psychoanalyzing everything. It was like I was relearning myself as well as my girlfriend. Like how to communicate better with her. How she sees the world. How I see myself and all my quirks attached to my ego. It allowed me to see a side of my significant other that I’d not yet seen. It brought us hella closer. We didn’t have sex because her tummy was still a bit upset.

    12 am PST. Lyin in bed with my girl just hangin out in the dark with still decent visuals and a very light body fry was very nice.

    1 am PST. The body fry seems to be well and gone, but I can’t sleep because I’m still transported to another world whenever I close my eyes. We decide to go and finish Spirited Away. I was starving, so I made some food; miso soup in a mug is fucking delicious after not eating anything (except truffles) for the last 12 hours. During the movie, I realized that the body fry was still there just very light, i.e., things that are kind of funny are really funny and make me cry from laughing, things that are kind of sad are extremely sad and make me tear up with grief. I dozed off at a few points during the movie. Don’t remember any dreams, just lost time.

    2 am PST. From this point on we went back to bed. I tried sleeping but still couldn’t really due to the “mushroom haze”, so I just stayed there in said haze for an hour or so before getting up and listening to music and just thinking and processing my experience. I don’t see any visuals with my eyes open, but the visuals I experience during said haze are like the ones you may see shortly before falling asleep except they’re turned up one notch so as to keep me just enough entertained by them that I can’t fall asleep.

    In closing I am 100% satisfied with my experience. It was a full on “mushroom trip”. I was not expecting the overall intensity of it by any means based on the product’s bio. It was an extremely healing experience that allowed me to look at my reality from totally different perspectives, bond with my significant other a much deeper level, and just shrug off the weight of the daily grind even if only for a few hours. 15 mg may have been the perfect amount in the sense that I’m hesitant to try a larger dose though I may in the future. I am so grateful to Peter and everyone that is able to provide this amazing service. Thank you!!!

    Finally I am completely blown away by the thought that the Mexicanas are rated as the lightest of the products offered. I will approach the Hollandia with trepidation and courage and report back.

  8. rustyshackleford11943 (verified owner)

    I got this for my first trip to treat my ptsd. I took about 1/2 the package and nothing happened so I took the rest of it. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. A wonderful experience. Very healing. If I get something stronger it’s only because Im curious. Thank you.

  9. carter__81 (verified owner)

    Firstly I want to start by saying I believe this company have genuine intentions.

    I made my order on the 20th of July, the first problem I encountered was that I was given the wrong payment information. I opened a ticket and very quickly and helpfully it was resolved(late on a Saturday night), ofcourse this added added a few days to the process but tg guys at truffle magic were very helpful. I also had a few questions about the product and they were also very helpful and willing to discuss these queries. Very positive.

    In the end my order never arrived, I live in a major European country and it has now been 24 days since my order. This at the end of the day is just one of those things. However my problem is that since I queried my missing order communication from the website has totally stopped. I have sent multiple messages over few days and recieved nothing back from the guys at truffle magic.

    I am left quite disappointed, not necessarily because the order didn’t arrive but also the poor service.

    I will try another website and hope for a better outcome.

  10. butlerofdeath (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered twice now from Truffle Magic and both times shipping has been very quick and discrete, which is a miracle given the mess of a postal service where I live. So far the Mexicana have been my favorite, but I still have an unopened package of Hollandia though so that might change.

    I prepared the truffles like recommended on the site, steeping them in hot water after chopping them up a little, and ate them after only drinking a little coffee in the morning. I didn’t time exactly how long it took me to notice effects, but as I sat at my computer listening to music I started to notice colors and shapes out of the corners of my eye. Gradually everything became overlayed with these colors and patterns in a beautiful kaleidoscope effect that I can’t even properly describe. For a while I laid on my couch with my eyes closed and enjoyed those visuals before doing some tarot card readings and generally exploring my apartment in a new way. I had a little trouble reading or looking at screens because of the colors and visual effects, but none of it was scary or unpleasant at all.

    Even after the visuals had worn off I still felt a little out of it the rest of the day, but overall the trip itself lasted around 5 hours. I’ve taken Utopia and did not experience as intense of a trip, but it was still enjoyable and I know that the amount of psilocybin can vary plus human bodies are unpredictable. All in all I can’t wait to try my Hollandia and I might try a grow kit in the future!

  11. kevmurphy54 (verified owner)

    Great customer service and thanks for the trip.

  12. loydgarratt (verified owner)

    Arrived 2 weeks, to the UK, after ordering. I ate all 15 grams last night at 7 pm, started feeling the effects 30 minutes later. This was my first ever trip and i didn’t know what to expect, but I felt very smiley and euphoric for about 2 hours. from 9 pm – 10 pm I started coming down, so to try and stay feeling the effects I smoked a joint. 5 minutes after smoking I started tripping balls, I felt like I was in a game or a child’s toy and it felt so surreal. Needless to say, great experience but the weed made it so much more visual.

  13. Diego

    I bought these from a shop in amsterdam, it was the magic truffles brand. Whilst my previous experience with truffles was more visual and hallucogenic, this time it was different! So i ate the ‘small’ 10g serving (i think it was 10g from what i remember). At first my stomach felt unsettled, but its important to stay positive and not think “oh crap im gonna throw up” or whatever, just go with the flow. I lied down and chilled, put on a film. After about 20 minutes of watching the film my stomach no longer felt unsettled, and i started to feel the effects.

    I wont go into detail about my personal experience because it would take ages to write, but i had visual, texture hallucinations (like the texture of objects was moving and spiraling) also when i closed my eyes it was like a kaleidoscope, but waaay better and more interesting! It strips you [temporarily] of your pre-existing culture, you forget about the behavioural mechanisms you subconsciously adhere to that you’ve learnt from society [i even lost my accent while i was tripping, whenever i spoke i sounded like someone from europe who couldnt fully speak english – very interesting]. It is amazing to see who you truly are. I had a conversation with the man in the mirror [literally] and started to face some of the fears i had in my had. Im very grateful for my trip because it opened my eyes to things about myself, and i am aware of those things now long after the trip has ended. Im going to order a grow kit of this mexicana truffle, because i still have more fears to face and questions to find the answers to [within myself] (the trip lasted 2/3 hours)

    Thank You
    P.S: It is going to taste crappy, dont expect it to taste nice lol at first it tastes almost like apricot kernels, then when you keep chewing (make sure u chew fully) it starts to get bitter. If you’re accustomed to consuming a lot of sugar (the majority of western ppl are) then it might taste VERYYY bitter. Discipline yourself and just eat it, remove any negative thoughts of how it tastes, otherwise you’ll make yourself throw up. Chew until all the juices are out then swallow, then drink some water or ice tea or something (try not to go for anything too sugar like the traditional soft drinks that they sell at most shops here in the UK. If you feel very hungry have some fruit (ideally with vitamin C, no worries if not), try not to have bread or pasta or anything thts going to absorb liquids or prolong the digestive process, rememebr you want the truffles to digest first!

  14. Gemma Parker

    As a first time tripper I opted for Mexicana and started with half the pack 7.5g. Wow they taste gross!! I settled myself in my room with candles and relaxing music and nothing happened. After 2 hours I consumed the other 7.5g hoping for something and sat in my garden in the sunshine. After an hour still no affect what so ever. Thoroughly dissapointing. Must try something a little stronger next time

    • Peter de Boer

      Hi Gemma,

      Sorry to hear that your truffle experience didn’t have the desired effect. However, there are many factors that can influence the effect.

      It is a natural product, thus the amount of the active substance (psilocybin) is not exactly the same each serving.

      The intensity of the trip is not only determined by the dose, but also by other factors, such as;

      Moment of consuming; before, during or after eating (preferably before);
      Eating sugar (like sweets, candy) reduce the effect;
      Storage: keep in the refrigerator. The fresher, the better the effect;
      Disconnect the vacuum seal: Not until you eat everything, same reason as above;
      Your personal body reaction to the active substance. Not everyone is equally susceptible to truffles;
      Finally, you can always increase the dose within one hour.

      I hope this cleared some up for you, and I suggest you take a look at our Magic Deals, because we have some stronger species on discount right now ;).

      Kind regards,

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