Psilocybe Hollandia

Strength Very strong; the Hollandia is our strongest truffle
Effect Very trippy, intense visual effects, lasts long
Contents 1 vacuum sealed bag containing 15 gram truffles


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4.58 out of 5 based on 50 customer ratings
Based on 54 reviews
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The psilocybe Hollandia is a new hyper-strong magic truffle. It is grown in Holland and is a must-try for the experienced psilocybe user who’s looking for a longer and heavier trip with heightened visual experiences. It’s the best and strongest magic truffle. The psilocybe Hollandia is an improved form of the magic mushroom. 

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Fresh Guarantee

We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

The Psilocybe Hollandia is a new, super strong magic truffle species. This species was developed in the Netherlands and improved upon endlessly until taste, smell and effect were perfect. This is the strongest truffle in existence and not suitable for beginning users. At least, not a full portion…

The Psilocybe Hollandia is a product which the Netherlands can be proud of. Just like with many weed varieties or XTC, the Netherlands is also a leader when it comes to cultivating truffles. The truffle has kept its nutty taste, but it is less acidic than the other species. The visual effects are also more intense and last longer. This truffle will take you to another dimension and will show you things which you did not know existed.

Because the Psilocybe Hollandia is so strong it is not suitable for beginning users. If you are taking this species of magic truffles for the first time, it is wise not to take a whole portion at the same time. It is a species which you need to have tried once, because it does not get any better than this.

The Psilocybe Hollandia is a truffle which takes you on an unforgettable journey. It is an experience to be shared with friends. At the start of the trip all colours and shapes change into something special. Minutes later the most beautiful visuals are experienced. You can even enjoy one single portion of Hollandia truffles with two people, because half a dose is sufficient for an unforgettable experience!

If you’re still a bit unsure about tripping, be sure to read our trip guides.

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54 reviews for Psilocybe Hollandia

  1. Darijus Veselis (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about ordering online but after reading some of the reviews I felt fairly confident and placed my order. To my surprise, I received my order within a week (I’m based in the UK) amid the current covid situation. The truffles came discreetly packed in a bubble envelope. Each portion vacuum sealed. I ate 15g of Hollandia and I started noticing the effects within the first 30 minutes. The truffles tasted quite good in comparison to other strains, these are definitely my favourite. A lot less sour. The trip itself was pretty damn intense and that’s another story. Overall, I’m really satisfied with the product and the service. The only downside is the payment method being Bitcoin which took me some time to figure out how it worked but other than that it all went smooth!

  2. frazier2323 (verified owner)

    I took 7.5 grams at first, felt nothing. Took the rest, still nothing. Don’t waste your time or money. They were fresh and delivery was great, however they do NOTHING!

  3. Sondra Moultrie (verified owner)

    I ordered last month took a couple weeks that was expected literally took the whole pack had eaten around lunch took it around 6 or 7 felt some tingling but that was about it not sure what happened but it’s ok was a first time was probly over excited sending for some shroom grow kits i have high hopes regulars less asking discreet packaging and easy shipment given the time as I said was expected. Thank you guys I’ll comment again when I get my next order ☺️

  4. blackroy_288 (verified owner)

    It’s been a year since i’ve had a lesson from this amazing medicine, but this time around was disappointing, delivery took 3 weeks to get here which isnt a problem, was discretely packaged and i was so happy it arrived, upon opening it however, it had a really intense bad smell, i didnt think anything of it, a week passed as i prepared myself to go on a trip, to learn something from my higher self to help me through these interesting times, i consumed 15g of hollandia, supposedly the strongest truffles you have to offer and put a show on to pass the time, after half an hour nothing happened, so i went for a walk to the park, another 30 minutes pass, still nothing
    i play some games for a few hours by this time i realize its not working, i think it might have been down to the freshness of the truffles, i think they lost their potency. Would certainly order again, however with a lot of hesitation because i dont want to have to wait so long and pay all this money to experience disappointment 🙁

  5. Giannis Marlantis (verified owner)

    Took a very long time to get them, not the sites fault, just the courier, the support team has been very helpful and quick to respond. The trip with them was beautiful, I am a first time user and I used 15grams and it was a great. Also very discreet package and everything was fine. I really recommend these truffles and the site. Thank you

  6. mikejcc86 (verified owner)

    After worrying about weather i’d be ripped off online, after 2 weeks of paying I received my truffles, discreetly packaged, to the UK. I though ok well it’s a good start…..
    I would consider myself fairly experienced in this field, however, I totally underestimated these bad boys. I had the whole lot in one go, on a full stomach. They took half hour to kick in, oh boy was this a ride. I tripped my bollocks off, it was the most intense trip I’ve had. Be careful with these people, do not underestimate the power, and also, great people here to deal with, easy and simple. 12/10 🙂
    Definitely will keep ordering again.

  7. joshuabareja2 (verified owner)

    Had an issue with address format but they got in contact with me right away, they just got here and are extremely fresh.

  8. albarory (verified owner)

    I took the truffles earlier this week, it was only my second time so I decided to start with a light dose and took 7.5 g. I fasted for 24 hours before using them, drinking a lot of water and teas of any kind, didn’t eat anything. It became almost something religious.
    My trip was amazing. I was with a friend and he spent the whole night being my sitter; my own image of myself changed, in my mind I was some kind of alien princess being kept in isolation from the external world in order to be safe from danger. Everything I or my friend were doing I thought was for the simple reason of pleasing me.
    The first 1.5 hours I just wandered around with my eyes closed, claiming I could see better than while keeping them wide open and I swear it was the truth. I saw fireworks, a sky full of stars and thought we were camping even though we were at home.
    When I finally decided to open my eyes, everything was in pastel colors and it felt like I was watching a 3D movie without specific glasses. The lights and the shadows were quite amazing. I had a lot of mild but also quite strong hallucinations, my hand was made of circuits, I looked at myself in the mirror for a long time and didn’t understand which one was the real me and which one the reflection, I saw my friend’s eyes coming closer and then further and changing shape and size, I saw a lot of beutiful geometrical shapes on the floor and on the ceiling.
    At a certain point, I was unable to understand how my body was made. I didn’t feel anymore like it belonged to me, my essence wasn’t trapped in it anymore. I was just a spirit made of energy and I didn’t have hands or shoulders or a face anymore.
    Also, sex is amazing.
    I already made another order and I’m ready to take a higher dose. It’s an incredible experience, I think everyone should try it at least once in a lifetime. Also, when the effects were over I didn’t experience any kind of hangover or negative emotions, thing that usually happens while being on drugs or alchohl. I think it is a much safer and funnier way to explore your mind. I would 100% advise it.

  9. black_thesis_art (verified owner)

    They arrived within a week, discreetly packaged; an all-round very efficient service.
    I consumed 15g after abstaining from psychedelics for a month, after fasting beforehand and I have to say I am slightly disappointed. I experienced very few visual effects (closed eyes or opened) and the peak of the high itself lasted all of half an hour., which did not give much of an opportunity to immerse myself and enjoy the experience. It was an all-round pleasant trip and I would give them another try (possibly 30g). I would be slightly reluctant to pay for more immediately but I will in the near future.

  10. ML600 (verified owner)

    Third time ordering from this website. Shipments arrived without any issues. Arrived to Ireland less than a week. Took full pack of Hollandia in one go. When it kicks in then you are in for an excellent time. Utopia was nearly identical in strength. Overall great shop and recommend buying. Thanks

  11. jlfuller3 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed and happy with Truffle Magic in general after purchasing Hollandia. It was super easy, efficient and I received my package so quickly (I was shocked!) and the truffles were great. You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer Truffle Magic! Thank you

  12. jlfuller3 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed and happy with Truffle Magic in general after purchasing Hollandia. It was super easy, efficient and I received my package so quickly (I was shocked!) and the truffles were great. You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer Truffle Magic! Thank you

  13. Ant (verified owner)

    The order was stopped at the border, but after speaking with customer service, they reshipped it for free! It arrived very quickly, and I am very satisfied by the product.
    I tried 9gr as a first dose, and it was a very positive and healing experience. Will definitely try again!

  14. doremamu2323 (verified owner)

    how much time it takes to deliver to india????

    • Bob

      International shipping is 2-5 weeks.

  15. Di (verified owner)

    Staff is really helpful and quick to respond to any questions. Packaging was also discreet and got through without any problems. I was worried as it is risky leaving an online track of an order.

    As for the truffles, I took a too small amount to notice any effects (being overly cautious) and then decided I’d just go ahead and take the rest a few hours later. I was unaware that redosing would basically be wasting the product as the body develops almost an immediate resistance. I did notice I was thinking a bit more in depth/introspectively but I didn’t feel any different. Next time I will go ahead and take a larger dose.

  16. crscatalin (verified owner)

    Hello everyone,

    I ordered from UK some truffles approximately 2 months ago. I didn’t receive my package, i messaged Gigi 3 weeks after i place the order.

    He replied me after one day saying me that he sent the order and should have been arrived till then. He said if i will not receive the package, will reship my order to another address if i want. Days passed, i forgot to reply to him and 4 days ago he sented me another message asking me if i want a reship or a discount to another order. i chose the first option, now I’m waiting…

    I never review anything but this guy made me do it. Ironically i didn’t even enjoy the product. ?

    So guys… if somethings wrong with your orders, i guess it’s postage error.

    By the way… never tried any psychedelic before and i really want to try that truffles, so… wish me luck!

    Happy trippin’ to you all

  17. liamwoodier (verified owner)

    ive only ever had LSD in the past so this was the first experience with psilocybin and my last acid trip was easily 6 years ago so
    after the 15g of hollandia on an empty stomach in the brew method chewing the pieces up as i was drinking it i reached a level 3 trip…
    Trip level 3: Stronger visuals, mild hallucinations
    Strong visuals, kaleidoscopic effects, and waving, warping objects and faces around you. Mild hallucinations like flowing water and trees. Closed eye hallucinations are more obvious and attractive (probably 3D). Some disorientation as what you can feel, see or hear. Lost control over what time it is and how long you’ve been tripping.

    WOW!! Next time 25g – 30g i reckon. 😀
    Just remember your in control, you took the substance be excited for the places you will visit in your mind are something else, this product is good for you in moderation you realize there is more to life than what meets the eye. enjoy life, much love X

  18. aboaltot50 (verified owner)

    Don’t be scared to buy it. I bought it and it came so don’t worry be confident. very discreet.

  19. robertanderson112233 (verified owner)

    (first time doing any psychedelics of any sort) I consumed these in the UK, got through with little difficulty but they did take about 2 weeks to arrive. the packaging was so discreet I was so impressed, I wouldn’t even be able to tell they were truffles if I didn’t already know. I took half a pack in a smoothie, waited an hour (edibles take ages to kick in as well so an hour is normal for me) with little happening, I just felt very happy and some very subtle colour changes. So I took the other half of the pack and just chewed it, the taste isn’t unpleasant the worst part is the texture, very similar to a damp walnut. (I had eaten a meal at 4 and I drank the smoothie at 7, so you might want to do it on an empty stomach) As I was chewing the original half began to kick in more, with a little nervous laughter for no reason, Colours became more warm and vivid and I was seeing and appreciating much more detail, the paint on the walls/the carpet etc. I put on a playlist of happy music, and had meditated and burned a little incense prior to any effects kicking in, to ensure my set and setting was the best it could be. After about 2 hours of initially taking the truffles, they had fully kicked in. The music didn’t sonically sound better as such, but was much more stimulating and emotive, every song felt like its own special little world, and I was very attached to it, not to mention very attached to my surroundings themselves, if I was in the bathroom it felt like the best place to be and I’d stay there dancing then lie down on the carpet and that would feel equally “the best”. The textured surface open eye visuals were definitely apparent, as well as the whole room breathing slowly. Some mild closed eye visuals too but I had to “try” a little. There was no sense of panic or fear, just pure bliss and happiness, the high felt very pure and primitive and not fake and sickly like some other drugs. I was a lot more energetic than I expected, dancing for hours on end. I could still walk and talk so the high wasn’t that strong, but I did experience a diminished ego. At first I felt very hyper, then more childlike, then apelike, then like another being in an apes body, exploring the way the universe worked. I began to really not relate to my human upbringing, for example, if most people were told to dance in a room and no one would watch, they would dance pretty normally, still having fear of looking stupid even though theres no one to see, however on these truffles I did not feel that at all, it didn’t even concern me that embarrassment was a thing, I just danced and it was much more intense dancing because I was allowing myself to fully experience music, and not listen to it through the human ego and predetermined ideas about what to do when you listen to it, I was like an ape experiencing music for the first time and being unaware of how much enjoyment you’re allowed to express, the moves you’re allowed to do, the faces you’re allowed to make etc, so it was all very pure and liberating, I filmed myself and forgot I was filming most of the time, and the dancing is really beautiful to watch, just to see myself so carefree and just absorbing music without processing it. I was staring into the bathroom mirror at one point, and then realised I was holding on to the top of the bathroom door, my body extremely relaxed. I was poised exactly like a monkey hanging from a branch, and this took me by surprise so much, like I realised how we are all just animals, still with our ape like instincts rooted deep within us if we bury our egos deep enough. Amazing first introduction to psychedelics, and a really great first trip! Could not give you a safer way than this website to consume truffles!

  20. shon.jansen (verified owner)

    :O I was a complete and utter noob to magic truffles. I started off with 5/6g to see what it was like but it wasn’t long til I ate the rest XD I chewed them up with water in my mouth (I would suggest chewing these with water in your mouth coz they taste like ass XD) I had a bottle of orange juice, a bag of sweets and a bar of chocolate at the ready just incase I didn’t enjoy the experience. I didn’t have a trip sitter coz I’m abit of a loner XD I started off playing Fortnite on my Xbox (cartoony and colourful) I then found this to distract me so I then turned out my light, opened Spotify on my Xbox and played the deep thought tracks (recommended) I got into bed and pulled the quilt over my head, waiting for it to really kick in. I got taken to amazing places in my head. I laughed so hard. I cried so intensely (I was going through bad memories and knocking down the walls that held me back, one by one) I can’t explain everything yet but it was so, SO beautiful and amazing. You see of things but it’s not how you think. It’s not the phone in your hand or the screen of your pc. It’s everything that makes you human connecting together. Your memories, thoughts, what you see, hear, feel. Everything! You can actually feel what others feel. You forgive yourself. You forgive others. You let the fuck go! Towards the end I felt I was forced to stand and dance XD it was so so amazing! I then told every person I care about, the truth about themselves and how I felt about them! Please do not fear and just go with the flow. Let it all out and enjoy the moment. You will not be disappointed! You will feel so focused and full of purpose. Your brain feels like it has so much room to think. Everything just seems so clear and clean. I definitely going to buy more!

  21. bertrandfrench (verified owner)

    I had the most amazing experience after taking 1half packet of Hollandia. I went through a few stages i would say.
    First it was the full awareness of sound and bright light and laugh, after 1hr , i switch off the light , and closed my eyes . Karunesh – Joy of life album was on , and i started seing the visual, it was not bright visual but patterns in the dark , i followed the pattern and let myself go. The awareness of my body intensify ,i started noticing i had shoulder pain and i could feel exactly where they were , so i started moving the pain away from my body , and off it went. Then i felt a weight on my lower back, my spine, it was not painful but felt like weird heavy tickling feeling pulling me back , so i started working on it, and that weight was lifted as well. Then i felt the energy flowing alongside my spine, i sort of think , is it my chakra? I do not have full understanding of chakra but i think that’s what it was. But then i was not in my body no more, i had my friend next to me, i cuddle her, i was so full of love, and in that moment, i became one with her. It was beautiful, instead of carrying on, i was so full of joy and in tears, i felt so much love. Then i light up a joint, i thought, I’ve seen enough, may be i should get something to eat and my friend was getting worried, she never seen me like that, she was worried the way my leg was cross and she said i was looking so skinny. I understood she was not letting go, the fact that she was eating and talking means she was still holding on to the material world. So i light up my joint thinking that will end my trip, little did i know that something started and its about to get more higher that i never thought or expected. I saw a cobra, i became the cobra , dancing to the sound of the flute my spirit was , i felt so light so happy and was letting my soul dancing to the flute . No ego , no body, just my spirit connected with everything. At that particular moment i understood the whole world, i understand that we are nothing, our body is nothing,everything is nothing lool i did not feel any hunger or thirst , i did not worry if i had a face or whether I’m male of female, i was just love , i was nothing, i was powerful ,i was humble , i was energy ,i could not describe the amount of information that was at my disposal . I saw a cow,he look at me. then i saw a piece of steak in my body, it did not belong there. Then i understood that the cow is doing his own journey. At some point, i started seeing ugly faces, but then i did not want to know,and they did not seems to bother. Like a cobra sitting in a basket , my upper body was moving and doing that snake dance. I never dance, thats why my friend was freaking out. My whole trip lasted about 6hrs, but it felt like a good 2 days. Its all about closing your eyes and let yoursrlf go. Do not try to look for paterns on wall or 3d images lol, leave that for kids lol. It is a very power spiritual stuff . Nothing to be scared of, no such thing as bad trip or addiction. Its your curiousity that become and addiction, curiosity exist for a reason and you create your own bad trip, because all along you are in control, you can end your trip anytime you feel like it , but you would not want to.
    I use to think that magic truffles are drugs and will make you go crazy, but now i will advise and try convince my brother and sister even my mother to take magic truffle. It is the most amazing present you could ever offer someone who needs spiritual guidance.
    I thank Peter for the amazing job he is doing and i also thank and respect to the people that lead me to this path .

  22. thaddeuss1969 (verified owner)

    I mistakenly ordered a grow kit to be sent to Milwaukee but due to PETE’S diligence and honesty that he noticed an error in the order and is now sending 6 truffle packs to be mailed! I’ll be looking for the mail and will re-submit a review when they arrive.


    Todd G. -Milwaukee, WI.

  23. gorman666 (verified owner)

    brilliant truffles. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon.

  24. jason.marineengineer (verified owner)

    Thanks to Peter for outstanding service. I had a note they were dispatched Wednesday. They were delivered Thursday and consumed friday.
    Rather than washing down with beer in a recreational setting as I usually do I followed their guide and they were outstanding!! I have been doing shrooms for over 20 years but these Truffles are the Don, some of the best visuals I have ever had.
    I will be back for more very shortly!! Thanks again for a fantastic experience 😉

    Jason in Norway

  25. tomrandall95 (verified owner)

    * warning, rambling essay about my trip! If not interested please skip to bottom paragraph!!*

    I’d tripped a few times years back and hadn’t ever tried truffles so I decided to take a gamble and order these to the UK. They arrived in about a week and were discreetly packaged. I was going round my girlfriends mums house for dinner and a family night in when my truffles arrived. Being so excited to try them I decided to take half (around 7g) at once. After about 40 I felt nothing, probably due to eating a large meal prior to taking the truffles. Being impatient I ended up finishing them all which bought my dose up to 15g. After another half hour or so I started to get distorted vision and mild hallucinations. Gradually these got stronger to the point I was seeing paintings and pictures almost come alive and start moving! Patterns were forming everywhere and textures became so intriguing that I felt like I was getting lost in the pattern on a toilet roll I was looking at in the bathroom!! Non of the family knew I had taken anything and didn’t suspect anything until my girlfriend figured out I had taken them all and it felt like the end of a game show! I had been rumbled!

    Fantastic experience, fantastic product, and a fantastic company. I will admit I was skeptical as to whether the truffles would arrive but having faith paid off and I’ve just ordered an Atlantis grow kit!
    I should also mention that I ordered the trip stoppers incase it went wrong but I threw them away. I didn’t want the trip to end. After talking to other experienced users about stopping a trip they all said that a bad trip is where you can learn some of the deepest parts of yourself and that riding it out can be beneficial to enlightening yourself about, well… yourself!

    Keep up the good work guys and thankyou for providing me with the key to an unforgettable experience. Hopefully many more to come!

  26. dewaynetave (verified owner)

    ?Don’t be afraid to order from here. They are very legit. I wanna thank truffle magic and Peter. I ordered some truffles in new mexico on the 1st of November. Today is the 16th. I walked to check my mailbox, inside was a white envelope. The truffles were sealed in a tiny plastic vacuumed sealed bag. No problems at all. I told my friend about me buying truffles online, and he said You’ll never see those in the mail..bahahaha!! You got played!! ” i went to his house and threw em in his face. He was like “no you a lie” i was like nope. These are them. Alls he could say is OMG. So yeah. No worries. I never tried truffles but there very tiny. They look like little brown pellets. Anyways great all around company. I asked questions they immediately responded via email. So yeah if your from the u.s don’t hesitate. I will be back for more.

  27. masterk-ito (verified owner)

    Very visual 🙂

  28. rob_28 (verified owner)

    wow, these are truly magical. i took 10g of these, within an hour i felt a very nice body high coming on. minutes later whilst watching tv i noticed that the colors had turned super vibrant, heads were going from normal size to small, almost cartoon like. i looked at the clock and there was a purpley, bluey, greeny ring around it. it seemed as if the whole clock was spinning not the hands but the actual clock. the glow was all over my partners hair line. wallpaper was moving and the door looked so narrow, i felt like i was on cloud 9, i then took the last 5g and put music on. i was litteraly having a one man party.
    i was sceptical of how these would work for me as i seem to have a high tolerance for most things but these genuinely blew my mind.
    its my birthday next month im going to re order and do 15g in one go for a next level trip.

    id also like to say how good the customer service is, emails were responded to very fast, i for sure will reccomend this site to my friends and will 100% be a return customer

    pieter thank you buddy

  29. Peter de Boer

    Hi Devan, I emailed you three days ago regarding a re-shipment. Let me know in the email how I can help you further.

  30. Devan

    I ordered this product on the 10th of January and it is now the 21st of February and it has still not arrived. I messaged support about this a week ago about this and no response.

  31. Peter de Boer

    Hi there, I would advise the Mexicanas. Great effect but a bit more mild than some others.

  32. Labinot

    I need something light 🙂 i am dx with MS and feel anxious and depressed. I tried Hemp and didn’t worked for me. Please tell me which is the best to treat depression. Thanks for your help.

  33. Peter de Boer

    Hi Raoul,
    Yes, we ship fresh truffles to South Carolina. We ship to all US states and Canada.

    Truffles only for now, no grow kits.

    Take care,
    Peter de Boer

  34. Raoul

    I’m in SOuth Carolina can you ship this no problem?

  35. Ivan

    How likely are these to get into Bulgaria?

    • Peter de Boer

      Very likely! We have customers all over Europe, including Bulgaria.

  36. Ralph

    How about the US, do they usually arrive? Thanks

    • Peter de Boer

      Hi Ralph,

      Yes! Customs is more focussed on real drugs and other items then on our natural truffles.

      Just place your order and you will see…

  37. Peter de Boer

    Hi Vickie, orders to UK almost always arrive 😀

    Most of our customers are in the UK, so we know what we are doing

  38. Vickie

    How likely are these to get into the UK?

    • Peter de Boer

      Hi Vickie, orders to UK almost always arrive 😀

      Most of our customers are in the UK, so we know what we are doing

  39. Zoran

    Could I get these sent to the Serbia

    • Peter de Boer

      Sure, just place your order in the shop!

  40. Sophie

    Fantastic trip! Never bought shrooms online before but the reviews of the Psilocybe Hollandia were great so thought I’d give it a go. The truffles arrived quickly and discreetly, we took all the advice offered, kept them in the fridge for a couple of days and took them at the first opportunity so that they were fresh. My boyfriend and I took a whole packet each (we are used to mushrooms) just chewed them up, they don’t taste great but that’s really not the point. We went for a walk and nothing much happened at first, just felt a bit giddy… Then after about an hour things started to happen….felt tingly and giggly then some bouts of hysterical laughter, very chatty…. Found my mind flitting all over the place, totally impossible to concentrate on a single thing and perception totally altered in a very positive way! Had some nice visuals… Bookshelf melting …beautiful swirling patterned glass and faces on tv very 3D and distorted. Tried to go to sleep about 2 am having taken them at about 7:30… No chance! But very nice drifting daydream like restlessness, difficult to describe but everything just feels nice! Finally slept about 4am… Felt a bit fuzzy and not with it the next day but other than that all good. One weird side effect was that my eyes watered relentlessly! Not a problem tho….I just found it funny! Highly recommended.

  41. Andrew (verified owner)


    I recieved my hollandia truffles order today. I’ve never done psychedelics in my life. After reading the reviews and been curious I decided to give it a try. Where to start WOW. Did about 10g, started feeling tingly and clammy after 15 mins checked the time with in 45 mins, the room was breating patterns started shifting. My senses were over powered looking out the window and hearing the birds and seeing the leaves and sunshine and nature is just breath taking on these truffles. So I lay down after about 1hr and a half it’s intense listening to some really good music. Closed my eyes and just let my self go. Self exploration of the mind and ones inner self is an experience seeing how things truly are is indescribable. I did feel like a bad trip was coming at one point but managed to keep thinking of the good vibes and it’s been an amazing experience of self discovery after what I can say is a trip of nearly 8 hrs I’m very very impressed. Keep an open mind and do these with friends for the experience I did it alone and will be doing it again with a group out in the open soon. Many thanks to the guys that make these truffles.

  42. mikamusic (verified owner)

    Holy sheeeet! 🙂 These are the real deal. 5g is a sensible dose for comfort, for me anyway. Excellent service from Don’t hesitate to order with complete confidence. UK

  43. pbabington1

    Went to a smartshop in Amsterdam last week in search of a brilliant visual trip. I’ve taken truffles and mushrooms many times before but always knew I could probably Find something that would make for a strong visual trip this time. The guy behind the counter Wasn’t wrong. This was without a doubt the most mind blowing visual trip I’ve had to date! At one point I looked at the clouds and let the trip gradually take its course. I was seeing full kalidaskope patterns. I’ve never seen anything like it!
    Didn’t really have any Philosophical or profound moments which I’m really into, but that’s not what I was after this trip
    Would definitely experiment with hollandia again, possibly in a better setting.

    I’m in the uk, I was wondering How safe delivery was, regarding legalities etc.

  44. Psychonautilus

    I’ve done shrooms just once without tripping hard, just laughter and that’s kinda all i had with it and i didn’t eat a lot, sooo shall i eat the whole 15 gr. of these?

  45. Bill

    Could I get these sent to the US??

    • Zeus

      Nope, sorry mate. We can’t ship there.

  46. Linus Persson (verified owner)

    At first, i didn’t thought it worked, oh boy was i wrong, an hour later i was laughing how big pupils i had, and i tried to chew my iPhone

  47. Paul

    The quality of these truffles are amazing! The taste is not bad at all, I actually kind of liked them, they tasted kind of nutty. Real earthy flavor. The trip was great. Very introspective, pleasant, lots of “good vibes.” I got quite giggly and enjoyed myself immensely. The customer service is fantastic, and the shipping time was very fast.

  48. Richard

    True to your word, I received my truffles with-in (1)week of monies taken out of my account, I added a little extra for the exchange rate and it was done on my end so being a stand up company that you are you added an extra bag(thank you) I have to say I was a little worried about having them sent to my home here in Texas, U.S.A. But no problems, came just as promissed,right to my mail box!!! I put them in the fridge for a couple hours to cool down and I could not wait any longer so I opened one up and they tasted just like you said”nutty” and not bad at all, didn’t bother my stomach at all. With-in 30 minutes I was feeling the most beatiful effects of the finest truffles I have ever had. Y’all are a stand up company with a wonderful product. Looking forward to placing my next ordered very soon. Again thank you for a wonderful experence. I saw the most beatiful visuals. Already looking forward to my next order, thank for being a stand up company with a great product. I can’t wait to come see y’all in The Netherlands. Richard,Texas P.S This almost sounds like it was written by someone in your company, but I can promise you it was not I am here in the good old U.S.A in TEXAS. GREAT COMPANY GRAET PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Trev

    I would like to thank you for this experience. Everything from the website, to the costumer service and the truffles was amazing. Shipping was fast and cheap, truffles were bang on wieght and strong. I have done countless hits of acid and eaten more shrooms than i can recall. This experience was right up there with any of those trips. Only ate 5 grams of the 15 I bought. It took about an hour to start to feel any effects but coming up was fairly fast after that. The peak had intense visuals as I was watching the air float and dance around me! The whole buzz was happy and upbeat with a feeling of “oneness” with everything around me. The comedown was gradual and mellow, wished it would never end but after 4 great hours it was over. I’m going to eat the last 10 grams and I will post on the differences between the two amounts. Thanks again for this experience, the world would be a beeter place if we could get everyone to try these even just once! Peace and Love, Trev

  50. Adam

    Received product quickly and discreetly just like always
    Spent my trip outdoors and the feeling of connectivity and oneness with nature and all things is beyond beautiful
    If you want Quality Truffles….This is the place

  51. PsychoDern

    Another review from me, I just had to.

    This time i did 22,5 grams, again made tea from it so I dont puke.

    I had the best trip i ever had on truffles, object morphing, waving, changing colors, etc.

    This time the trip even lasted for a full 6 hours!

    Great truffles, do try them out.

  52. Rich

    Yeah good shit

  53. Dat Kind of Guy

    Upon first glance I thought, “mushrooms on the internet? From Europe? I’m bound to get ripped-off”. I have to say I was super-pleasantly surprised. I had to eat the entire bag but, the results were fast and furious. I had such a blissful mental and body high, I had terrific thoughts of who we are all connected as people and how the concept of “separate” was just a lie. My wood floor flowed like lava but, each slat ran opposite of it’s partner so there were several juxtaposing lava flows on my floor. The TV had on some b.s. political shows which I especially hate in a Presidential (US) election season. All of the pundits popped out of the TV and the whole thing was like a puppet show which made me think, “These fools are just puppets an politics is a show run by it’s media masters”. After I having enough indoor stimulation I took it to the streets. I could see the individual personalities of each car as it sped toward me while I waited (VERY CAREFULLY) to cross on the sidewalk. I could see a smug VW Bug, the pushy monster SUV’s and the must win attitude of the sports cars. It was fun, I have NO complaints about this strain except that I am all out…FOR NOW!!!

  54. Five

    I was looking around for cooking truffles and came across the ‘magic truffles’.
    I don’t take any recreative drugs of any kind, don’t smoke, don’t even drink! (this is not an effort nor it is a religious resolution of any kind)
    I read something about a “spiritual” experience using the magic truffles. I’ll try that!
    It arrived on the 3rd day after it was posted. A lovely sunny morning. I am all alone.
    I chewed about three or four small pieces on an empty stomach in the morning.
    It tastes terrible! I had a honey sweet just after chewing it. Bearable taste after the sweet.
    Laid down on my bed, warm and comfortable, closed my eyes and felt the experience, a bit like having a dream…
    (I was on a very small dose) it was slightly tiring in my mind, I “felt” the sound vibrations of something like trance music… (I usually get sick if I have to listen to that sort of sounds)
    I thought that maybe the people who cultivate the truffles played this sort of music… I “felt” the truffles as being a sort of a weblike spider, (this is possibly because of my idea of what truffles are). Every time I had some odd vision I would come with a sword to cut it (something that i usually imagine doing in everyday life). Although sometimes the vision would engulf my sword, I always seemed to make it shine through. Whenever I opened my eyes all was normal… There was no visual lights, nothing strange…
    I could feel that this was an experience in my mind mostly, I wanted to move out of the boundaries of the brain, but could not. This is different from a spiritual experience, where you can feel going beyond brain, body and even heart or feeling.
    At some point I was suddendly taken by an overwhelming emotional state in which I could feel the “ancestors” “”angels” whatever we call it… I felt strongly them saying to me that : “There is not a bad cell, atom, particle in you” ” You are so good”. I cried with gratitude for that loving feeling. My mind quickly dismissed this as a trick. The ultimate trick of emotion. I never really though of myself as being good or bad…But, I kept that feeling as a trophy. Now whenever I have bad thoughts about something/someone, I think about that moment and that moment helps dispell bad things. (For maybe, I am good, or want to be good, whatever that really means,,,)
    I get up a bit shaky for not having eaten for hours, eat, drink… All is normal.
    Second experience a day later, I made tea with half of the truffles. It smells bad. I added camomile tea to it, improved the taste. This experience was not that great, but quite insightful. This time I had the feeling that my life was over! (as I sometimes do anyway). Doesn’t matter how good or bad I may or may not be… There is no hope and my heart is an open wound. (I think I over boiled the tea!)
    Last experience- the day after tea. It’s snowing heavily outside! So beautiful!
    I chew the last bit of the truffles, they still taste terrible! Eat a Honey sweet just after eating them. All ok. I can hear music in my mind every time a though of something comes around. Like in a film. Slightly irritating, but funny to notice. (This can happen in everyday life without any truffles).
    The experience feels mild, even though the dose is higher. I must have fallen asleep, wake up with a bang and for about 3 seconds I think the world had ended! Everything is frozen in time. Was it an atomic bomb? A car that skid on the snow and banged against a wall? Some sort of reverse sleep paralysis where the whole world froze and stood still, paralysed. Perhaps 3seconds but most impressive!
    I am tired of this experience and get up. Getting my eyes open stops everything…
    It felt like a mind experience, not “spiritual”. There are far better normal experiences than this, just by being in nature, or reading a poem. I felt lucky to know this.
    I am willing to give it another try sometime in one dose.
    I couldn’t imagine having an experience with someone around or even listening to music, it would simply not work anything for me.
    The only thing that made it work was to close my eyes and being in silence.
    I found it difficult to chew this because of the taste. It was a bit of a chore doing it.

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